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  • jfgomezs jfgomezs Jan 3, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    Whats you EPS prediction to be announced January 24?

    Avg estimate -0.06
    Low estimate -0.13
    High estimate 0.03

    Whats your prediction?

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    • Pretty much near 0 cents which will demonstrate NOK is at an inflection point.

      However, I am quite nervous about reception in China (and Korea, Japan in the future), where the Nokia's mind share has pretty much sunk to the depths. Hope Lumia 920 can pull the ship above water in that region, but I would like to see some concrete numbers first. Actual sales result could be poor to decent. I am not convinced either direction yet.

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    • Q4 doesn't matter, the 920 was barely out in December, insignificant impact on Q4.

      Q4 is not a typical sales quarter --- What will drive the PPS is the NEWS ON THE GUIDANCE.......RIM settlement, India sales & China Mobile Dea. Future sales will be reported as HOT. Expect a big rise .............. Q1 sales have been reported as "very positive," but I expect the Guidance will predict 2013 sales will be recordbreaking. Should be a GREAT YEAR!!!

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    • Profit of 1 penny.

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    • dorianpc Jan 3, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

      Hmmm, i don't want to sound like an SA or MF drone, so i'll admit there's not enough info to be accurate. Based on Elop's last guidance, and the fact that NOK has been beating consensus fo several quarters, I pick EPS @-.02. If they do +.01 I can't imagine the euphoria.
      There hasn't been enough time in Q4 to move much higher. I think the guidance will matter more. China rollout will be explained, and the full value will become apparent.
      $7 a week after?

      Of course, what difference is earnings, if crooks are allowed to publish articles that NOK is exiting the business? Maybe it's time to put a name/company to these fraudsters.
      watch (small time) mad money to get warmed up.

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      • thermonuke Jan 3, 2013 11:20 PM Flag

        Nice. I am torn between -$0.02-03 with a surprise from Devices. But trader217 makes a good point about the HQ lease. Let's consider,

        - Asset to +cash and +liabilities

        Restructuring costs are supposed to show a retreat here on out from the old Q2 guidance Mr. Elop delivered on so far. €170M is probably still not enough to cover the Q4, but if NSN grew operating profit another $200M (possible, yes), and Location delivers another $200M. Well, I need to think about this.

        I think a lot will weigh on legacy vs Asha + Lumia. CHL will be the Q1 story. But in the Q4 Nokia still needs a lot of legacy sales. For this reason I can not see the Q4 at a profit based on Mr. Elop also saying it was going to be a challenging quarter.

        Is it truely possible AAPL sent Nokia a $B check in the Q4?

    • If they include the $65M they got from RIM and the HQ price (220M) and few non core business they sold, beside the thousand of employees which the got red of them. My prediction is $ +.05

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    • Better then expected sales, RIMM settlement and selling/leasing their HQ back to themselves are not reflected in the EPS estimate IMO.

      EPS will be positive, I say worse case +0.00 and best case I'd say +.10 yes you heard it here first.

      Guidance will be above street expectations due to the heavy push China Mobile will give NOK as well as the overwhelming demand for the 920 in India.

      Oh and Asha sales will be a big surprise we are beating Android in India with Asha, a dramatic turn around for NOK in that end.

      Only bad spot of the report will probably be US sales IMO, I am thinking quite confidently they throttled supply to US in favor of their better markets.

      But that's just my thoughts, I could be wrong

    • In my opinion, a lot of the things they've been doing lately have been to set themselves up to make a big splash when earnings are announced. I'm going to say .04 but I wouldn't be surprised if it was much, much higher. I'm pretty sure it will at least be positive.

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    • 0,0 and above will result in a rocket launch, and i'm a passenger!

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    • +.05

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