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  • jeffreber44 jeffreber44 Jan 8, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Lumia sales numbers released

    W8 phones are outpacing W7 by four times. The numbers are out today: Nokiapoweruser check it out! Sales numbers are over 4 million Lumias sold in 55 days. Nokia needs a total of 5 million to break even for this generation of Lumias. At the current rate that will be met in 6 more days.

    You got to remember they expected this to take place in 6 months and the target was hit in just 2.Once people find out tomorrow Nokia will explode. Then ATT releases 920 numbers jan 24th.

    Add China demand, sales to start in India this weekend, supply issues solved, South American launches........We are looking at roughly 18-22 million low estimates of LUMIAS sold by next quarter.

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    • corneliusflake Jan 8, 2013 8:23 PM Flag






      Adduplex has now published much of the Windows Phone statistics on its blog. Taking the USA market share % of all devices (as shown in above chart) into consideration and also “Adduplex” has confirmed to us that 30% of Lumia 920 share may have come from USA, we can extrapolate Lumia 920 numbers to find out Lumia 822 and Lumia 810 sales figures as well.

      Also today “Microsoft CEO” has said that during “Christmas time, WP devices were selling 5 times more than the same period last year. So, considering figure of 2.75 million devices reported by Gartner for Q4 2011, we may reach a figure of,

      2.75/3+2.75*2/3*4.5 = 9.25 million devices for Q4 2012.

      Now based on this Lumia 920 sold in Q4 (18.5+9.25)*9/100 = 2.5 million devices. Now, as according to Adduplex, 30% of these Lumia 920 have come from USA.

      So, seems that 750000 Lumia 920 may have been sold in USA in less than 50 days.

      Lumia 920 has a market share of 16 % in USA while Lumia 822 and 810 have shares of 10% and 3%. This translates into sales figures of 470,000 for Lumia 822 and 140,000 for Lumia 810.

      Hence, Nokia may have sold, 2.5 million Lumia 920 + 0.83 million Lumia 820 +0.47 million Lumia 822 + 0.14 million Lumia 810 = 3.94 million Lumia WP8 devices in Q4 2012. :::

    • Speculative #$%$ from a nokia fanboi #$%$ site.

      LAME-ia is a fail.

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