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  • lushposh Jan 9, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    DOES ANYONE, have any SOLID (not SPECULATION) answers as to why NOKIA tanked today ?

    I'm not the slickest trader on the block, I swing trade. I trade here and there, make some gains on some stock and lose some on others. I've experienced some losses that weren't all peachy and had tremendous gains on others. I've been doing it a few years now but never in the past few years taken a hit like I did today. Honestly I don't even know why I was holding. Saw a dip from $4.05 to 3.89 picked it up it at that point, had upward gain to 3.97. I thought I should sell, but wanted to see $4 again as I saw in the past 3 weeks when there was a dip around FC and then bounced. But it was a completely different story it just tanked on me all the way down to 3.69 where I just couldn't justify holding it. I thought it would tank further. I cant afford to take heavier loss.

    It recovered a bit, but I'm iffy if there will be a run tomorrow upward tomorrow. Now I didn't lose 20k or 10k but a small amount compared to others, however it's a loss. 4k for me. I cant speak for others, but 4k loss for me is rather a big amount. If I can recoup 2k before the week is out with Nokias upward trending, that would be great, I wouldn't feel as down as I am right, but the movement on the stock and all of the negative comments I've read from analysts, its hard to stay with Nokia.

    No one seems to have any solid news or nowhere have I've seen any solid news about this drop. However I did notice RIMM taking a hit too ? Is there a connection ? Anything solid news from anyone ? Please save the name calling and negativity. You can be real but no need to be a jerk. I know when I signed up for trading what I was getting into, so no need for comments like "go do something else".

    I'm asking for a productive comment in regards to this.


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    • Why are you over thinking this. Its Wall street its the market. Its the way it works. If you are going to be influenced by every piece of news Your dead. Buy low sell high! Its not a bed method at the end of the day. They lost biliions in market share do you think that some tax bill is really going to be the linchpin.

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    • Yes because the market is constantly manipulated.

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    • Read your post last night. Hopefully you did not sell.

    • We have a bear raid,profit taking by investors who got in at really low levels and understandably want to book their profits.short term before 24th, there is risk ( the stock will be volatile with every news,it will go up or down depending on the news) but intermediate and long term, the risk is absolutely minimal, I will confidently put it 70/30 on the upside. That means, you got 70% of winning big gains vs 30% of loosing some of your investment. For what it's worth,that's my opinion.

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    • Tim Cook Apple Ceo was in China pushing a cheaper phone that may be compatible to China's largest carriers network. The current phone is not compatible. Keep in mind the phone has not been made and Steve Jobs is dead so he cannot tell them how to make it. Cook seems desperate in my opinion. There are fake apple stores, clones whose ceo thinks he is Steve Jobs in recarnation. It is a cluster F in China. If Cooke thinks China is going to save them he is wrong. They like Nok and Samsung more than Apple. So wall street is reacting as if they were still the emperor of the world of tech. Apple is not. Maybe the reaction would have been justified last year not this year.

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    • Shorts have used the negative news (India, the taiwan lawsuit, appl putting out a cheaper phone, samsung lowering prices etc.) to push the price down so they can cover before earnings. A lot of dumb #$%$ longs got scared and started selling. Its that simple.

      If you think earnings are going to be good (and I do) you're not worried right now.

      If you don't think earnings are going to be good then why are you in the stock?

      NOK is volatile right now. But, there's potentially an enormous reward if things turn out the way I think they will.

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    • No one can give you solid answers to why the stock went down...there's a lot happening with NOK and expect a lot more as we come close to the end of the either believe in the company and think they're worth buying or not. If you do, than sit back and relax, if you don't than you'll be stressing out and probably loose money day trading this stock. This is a stock you buy and forget.

      Again the key is believing in the company, everything else doesn't matter...that's my opinion

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    • AAPL will come out with a cut rate $150 3rd world phone that will eliminate most of nok's feature phone biz, which least face it loseria is a loser so those 3rd world phones are most of the unit shipments.

      What elop was saying with a maybe android phone was "please don't fire me, I've learned my
      lesson no one really wants an evil ware phone there's next to no software, so I promise I'll
      do an android loseria". In short hinting the whole evil ware phone has at least been a mkting
      if not financial failure. But the games up he had his chance and blew it big time. There's no way
      with a #$%$ designs he's pushed can he compete with the surge of manufactuers out of communist
      china let alone aapl and sam. Did you see that over 1/2 ft phone? He's got nothing even are the
      drawing boards like that and sam's will be wareable.

      50 yrs from now someone on antiques road show will find a loseria phone and they guy will be like
      'what you have here is a cell phone but the last model from the once dominant player. This model
      killed their dominance. they stupidly bet on evilware which we now know went out of biz a few
      years later as back in the day you had to call the 3rd world pay $200 big money in those days
      just to get a fix to bug in their failed os's. On the plus side it's very rare as most owners just threw
      them out when the gap between the hard and software on it and android became overwellming".

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    • mostly emotional. fear of the worst case scenario but we've been here before and putting all things together, today the outlook is far better. Those who sold are watching NOK too closely, like watching a clock hoping time will go faster. all of a sudden the clock runs out of batteries and stops clicking and they throw is away, go out of the door running to buy a new different one when all they had to do is replace the batteries. In the case of NOK longs, changing the batteries is knowing the fundamentals and relax. NOK will be just fine. I promise

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    • when there is no news, use technicals:
      -14 ADX just crossed over +14 ADX
      negative divergence for MACD a swing trader what does that tell u?

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