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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 10, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    The analyst will miss the next earnings also.

    Certain analyst think that low end phones will be phased out and lumia sales will not be high enough to carry the company. I do not think average investors that have to listen to these guys or the celebrities on CNBC have a chance anymore. When I here the things these guys are saying I can tell they do not know what they are talking about. There are just as many phone users internationally that do not use plans they use pre paid. No one is even considering them. They cannot afford plans and they cannot afford to pay $200.00-$300.00,$500.00 etc. They do not pay less for the phones. The Nokia Lumia 800 is selling for around $350.00 unlocked with W7. One of the analyst following Nok thinks there will be no low end phones anymore by 2015. He is clueless. Mexico, India, Nepal, etc etc. will never ever all be able to afford smart phone let alone plans. The Nokia symbion phones are in demand and they know them like them and upon the back and drop a prepaid sim card in with no plan. It is completely totally different than here in the US. The company that makes the lowest priced unlocked smart phone will do the best overseas. I spent along time researching this entered into the seedy underworld of unlocked phones to learn what I did. The Nokia N8 is currently the the best unlocked prepaid phone that supports the right bands and has a 12mp camera. It is still around $200.00 but they are paying much much more for unlocked 920's. So future predictions will be missed in Nok's favor unless the analyst learn about developing countries. Everyone must remember that W8 released in October during very bad economic times everywhere and when other carriers like Apple are not selling well at all. Therefore, the numbers are much much better than expected for the economic conditions. The analyst and commentators look really bad because they trashed nok and msft so much that they look almost ridiculous. You could see it in their faces. Even people on this board are very confused. The 920 is only one nice little piece of the picture. They are also forgetting that there are still 2 weeks until earnings. This was not the earnings announcement. How can a paid analyst talk as if these were the final numbers and compare his estimates to the pre-announce numbers. So in another 2 weeks we will have another surprise because everyone acted as if these were the final numbers today.

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