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  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jan 19, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    High end Nokia Windows Phone for Verizon teased

    Tom Warren, who is the Verge Microsoft correspondent, has tweeted this enigmatic tease, saying those who want a high end Nokia Lumia on Verizon will be “happy soon”.

    A slim, light and metallic Nokia Lumia flagship has been rumoured, and it would not be surprising to see a new flagship handset show up exclusive on Verizon, possibly announced at Mobile World Congress for release 4-8 weeks after.

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    • Metallic? On please say it's so. I'm sick of only apple making real quality hardware. I refuse to pay $700 for plastic phones. Yet nobody, not even Samsung seems to get it. I really hope this aluminum rumor for the next lumia is true.

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      • I prefer aluminum also but those Nokia plastic phones are actually much stronger. Every Nokia I've owned feels like cheap plastic but they stand up to every form of abuse much better than aluminum. I've dropped, stepped on, kicked, thrown sat upon those plastic Nokias and they all worked like new.

        Nokia has actually done every material before others. Just look at the 8600 Luma. Pure glass construction. One of the most beautiful phones I've seen. Then look at the 8800 made of stainless steel. The absolute best slider I've ever used. The phone was near Vertu luxury without the fluff.

        I want to see carbon fiber reinforced plastic or magnesium alloy personally. I think Apple has played out aluminum for far too long. Its actually a very cheap material and it needed Apple's big marketing clout to become a "premium" material. IMHO it isn't. Carbon fiber and magnesium alloy are real premium materials.

        However for the time being in order to keep margins high I think they are best to capitalize on the marketing Apple has done for aluminum and release aluminum phones. But I can't wait for Nokia to return to the heights of its heyday and bring back some of the great innovative hardware materials they were known for.

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