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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 19, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Do you expect to see analysts saying sell when they are selling, or saying buy when they are? Wake up!

    There is no way on earth these guys would be telling you to buy when they are to cost them more money or to sell when they are trying to.

    The game is so crooked and the massive attention being paid to a stock that is supposedly dead yet is crushing estimates and consensus should tell you all you need to know. Nokia is a screaming buy.

    I mean it would be different if this quarter was disappointing or Lumia 920's were sitting on shelves. Maybe even if the Asha phones were not still crushing estimates in emerging markets as well. Maybe if NSN was going backwards instead of forwards. Maybe if we had no patents and were paying out more then we were taking in on patents to sell our phones...

    It is just absolute insanity they can sit there and say how it is a sell while saying garbage like the Lumia 920 is dead and nobody is buying it as just one example. It is so easy to prove these crooks wrong with just a few minutes of research. If you spend days researching you get the big picture on just how off they are.

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    • Elop will take these creeps to the woodshed on thu with the cc call, I am confident he will explain how Nokia is back and doing fabulous in such a clear and unmistakable way that these so-called analysts and bears will #$%$ their pants. Nokia just came out w/3D printing. It seems almost everyday nok is coming out with innovations in the same manner that Apple did in it's heyday under Jobs. What's more looks like Nok is in a pennant formation and will break out of it on Thu. If Nok goes up on tue then I am pretty sure that 4.35 was the bottom of this downturn and we are headed quickly to 5.50-5.75 but longterm I remember that apple hit 10 and topped out at 700. Draw your own conclustions.

    • absolutely correct and they raised Rimm no one knows what kind of mobile they have and yesterday they raised it to 19 from 13 unbelievable numero ono crooks

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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