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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 22, 2013 7:44 AM Flag

    Mr Elop is reportedly the 7th largest investor in MSFT

    Mr Elop is reportedly the 7th largest investor in MSFT.

    Do not invest based on what I say.
    I own msft & nok.
    I have read this and do not know if it is true.

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    • This topic was last year news. Elop sold his shares in MSFT last year.

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      • Correct and MSFT did not want to buy Nokia last year and google only bid half as much as Microsoft. We do not know how many shares Mr Elop sold or if he sold any. He reportedly was going to sell them. This is another year with proven successful phones. Maybe you are in a business or different situation where you do not understand corporate environments. It helps a deal when your were a top player in the company that may reportedly be buying you. As long as you are on good terms with Balmer. I personally can think of a couple of mergers and I know the only reason they happened were because the two people knew each other from past working relationships. As I stated before, I do not know if Microsoft is buying Nokia. Do not invest on anything I say. Do you own research. Shorts Keep Lying, I Will Keep Putting Out The Facts. I own both msft & nok. The shorts are in big trouble here, and you are not welcomed.

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    • Correction: Mr. Elop who headed Microsoft's Office division before becoming Nokia's CEO may have sold his Microsoft Shares after the controversy became public news. That may have happened after the MSFT & NOK 1 billion agreement. I am long MSFT & NOK. I do not know if this information is correct. Do your own research.

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