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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 23, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    The earnings do not matter and it is also Microsofts earnings

    I never posted on any boards until I saw short routinely beating the hel* out of people who are loosing their hard earned money by crooks in suits. The Nokia earnings do not matter. Unless they talk about sales in China for the two weeks since the pre-announcement.
    The amount of phones they can and are selling in China is equivalent to the entire US sales of all carriers. Nok has the contract with China Mobile. Microsoft has the contract with China Unicom.
    The next quarter not this one will be staggering. The jumps will happen so fast in this stock it does not matter if you bought higher than it is at the moment or it drops. The sales in China alone will float the boat. Guess what that is just the beginning. You have the rest of the world and USA. The W8 'are loved every single place they go. Stop worrying.
    People say Microsoft was last years news. Well not exactly.
    Nokia cannot fail. Microsoft will not let them fail. They need Nokia to succeed also. It is the same situation with Dell. They cannot let hardware manufacturers that sell their software fail as W8 will float all their boats to the high seas once again. So you are investing in a company that has Microsoft investing a billion a year and paying Nokia for the Lumia's. Buy the way I am not sure why the reaction is negative when people on this board heard that Microsoft may be taking Nokia out. That would not be negative, you would make a lot of money. Your stock Nok is being run by an ex Microsoft guy anyway you know. The head of Microsoft office division. That synergy makes this stock gold actually. It cannot fail anytime soon.
    It would not be that bad if Nokia makes Surface phones. The Surfaces are drop dead stunning devices. Nokia will jump high before the average investor can press the buy button.
    You also have Microsoft's earnings. I have been long on Microsoft since the 80's. Microsoft use to historically down play and warn this that and the other thing on every earning for legal reasons. It was the only time they ever went down is the day of the earnings and after. When they were under attack by the gov for being a monopoly goog and apple evolved and were carefree with their earnings announcements while Microsoft was tied up in Court. Microsoft has since been a little more lenient about being SO NEGATIVE AND WARNING OF EVERYTHING. So hopefully they will not warn phone sales like they have been known in the past to do. AS I said, it is different now and they probably will not do what they have done for 20 years. Forget last quarters earnings the big players will only use that to #$%$.

    W8 has turned strong really strong but it will not be on the last earnings. REMEMBER THAT. It just started and they are smoking the competition. The goog and appl numbers were before the 920's, 620's, etc landed.

    This is a very very powerful revolution in change to W8 lumia's and China is the market and Nokia HAS THE CONTRACT and HAS MICROSOFT.

    Microsoft has Nokia's back!

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    • What's more lets not forget about "EUROPE' it is a bigger and richer mkt than the usa, I believe Europe has at least 450 million people and a gross national product bigger than the USA and Nokia is very popular in Europe. So, lets see Nokia is big in China, India, Europe and the rest of the world and probably will be gaining popularity because ot the Lumia series in the U.S. to me that indicates tremendoud potential, truth is Nok can make a ton of money outside of U.S. but my gut is telling me Nokia will be penetrating the U.S. mkt big-time from 2013 and beyond. Nokia long term price objective is the Sky!!

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      • dorianpc Jan 23, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

        Equating the economies of Greece, Albania, and Germany as a common Market is a joke that the rest of the world has been telling for over a decade. Germany always thought it was a bad joke, but the Chinese and U.S. can still deliver it with a straight face. Once you believe that we can go right to earnings don't matter, and inflation doesn't matter, and debt doesn't matter.
        Unfortunately, breathing and heartbeat are wired to the autonomic nervous system. As is the market.

      • What I like is that Nokia's phones are looking compelling at every price point. The Ashas are great. The Lumias are great from the 620 through the 820 to the 920, which is the best phone you can buy.

    • You hit the nail right on the head. I am all cool about my investment, because I do not belief this will be good, I TRUST this will be good. Think LOOOOOOOOOOONG. What will happen today and tomorrow is only a little chapter out of a thick book. We have a lot of fun ahead of us.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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