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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Jan 29, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

    -- First there was Goldman - Now the Cramer

    We just got Cramered today. Cramer went long Nokia with his usual and unique - foaming at the mouth, spastic, epileptic signature style. Ha! That tells me all his hedge fund buddies, including CNBC, are now long NOKIA. Goldman went long last week.

    Like I said 6 months ago - once these Wall Street Pigs, err, Titans, go long expect to see a consistent flow of media coverage and pump pieces regarding Nokia. Of course it's gonna be a coincidence cause there's no way walstreet and main stream media are in bed.

    So man, enjoy being with the herd and the smart money for once and sit back and watch bullish article after bullish article pop up on an almost daily basis.

    We should start seeing this in the next few days and it should continue for a few months or maybe the entire 2013. Good luck!

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    • Yes, most NOK turnaround believers are contrarian. While this is a good thing, its dangerous they bail out too fast once the main stream media starts giving Nokia more positive attention.
      Like you said 'enjoy being with the herd'.

    • NOK will be claim #1 stock of 2013.

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    • All true.. but stop letting the cat out the bag dude..they might change they're mind and for back negative.. let's just watch it happen.. I used to bash gs and all but now I just watch em closely.. negative or speculation on them is bad for us even if it leads to a positive outcome.. think of it this way..when they decide to crush a company they shot call and they can crush an entire company...shhhhh; )

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      • You're right and normally you do wanna keep it quite and just follow the herd quiet like. But in nokia's case they can't change their minds. With Nokia the facts are out and the numbers are real so basically they only have to embellish the truth which is not illegal. And they're all loaded up (I'm sure Goldman now holds close to or over 200 Million shares) so they have no interest in seeing the stock to down.

        Their clients are also loaded up so now they have to create demand for the shares so unwitting funds and individual investors start buying Nokia for their own accounts. It's these little guys that consistently buy billions of stocks cumulatively and drive shares higher. And they have to take Nokia much higher since many funds, Goldman included was buying at $12 and simply averaged down.

        Nokia can go to $20 on valuation alone if they just execute their simple and low ball business plan this year. And Nokia gets to be the hero who saw it all coming and accurately predicts everything 6-12 months ahead of time making money for the small investor while making a killing for themselves and their high profile super rich clients who are too dumb to buy their own stocks (like Nokia at $1.80).

        I've never gotten in so early on a major stock where it was about to get gamed. Usually I'm on the wrong side or I get in too late or I misread the signs. With Nokia it was so obvious to me since they had so much right going on - on a fundamental basis.

        Good luck to everyone.

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    • "We just got Cramered today. Cramer went long Nokia with his usual and unique - foaming at the mouth, spastic, epileptic signature style. Ha!"

      LOL, so true.. especially the epileptic signature..

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      • Despite the steep decline since earnings, Nokia’s stock is still up over 100% in the past six months. The fact that smartphone ASPs grew 33% y-o-y and 20% sequentially assuages our concerns that Lumia’s strong performance may have been driven by the deeply discounted older Lumias as opposed to the newer Windows Phone 8 models. We continue to believe that even a small improvement in Nokia’s handset business, together with its patent monetization initiatives and the ongoing turnaround in the wireless infrastructure joint venture with Siemens, should help it sustain the value that the market is assigning to the stock currently despite the huge rally in recent months. Our $5 price estimate for Nokia is about 15% ahead of the current market price.

    • I do feel it in the air. Glass half empty is now half full. All these future Nokia models are revealed by unheard of web sites, instead of traditional blogs or tech sites. Controlled positive leaks.
      Just hope it's not controlled pumps.

      Fingers X'ed !

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