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  • monik072 monik072 Jan 30, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Stock will never recover umless Elop is out.

    I am not sure what he is good at. The sad fact is, he have no clue as to how to increase shareholder value. He is no sexy, has no charisma. and I wonder if he can be trusted. Bottom line, he is a gray corporate man and I can't find any reason why he is there to lead a smart phone company where the phone is basically a cool, sexy, expensive and status symbol in many places and an hi tech image. Job was successful because he sold not just the phone but also his image a self mad billionaire wearing black unsaved cool and rich.
    Elop could be good managing a bank, maybe.

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    • I am not sure what do you really know or good at. You are full of #$%$.

    • IGNORE

    • thermonuke Jan 30, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

      Did you know that Mr. Elop:

      1- Turned NSN into a profitable cash machine?
      2- Realized over 90% of balance sheet restructuring charges all in 2012 when it was forecast to last to the end of 2013? This is approx $3B euros of write downs, already taken and done.
      3- Slashed the payrolls?
      4- Went from $-0.10/qtr loss to a profit in the Q4?
      5- Has managed to keep the analysts comfortable forecasting NOK at $39B revenues in 2013?
      6- Moved forward with a massive factory in Vietnam regardless of the balance sheet?

      Did you say shareholder value? Mr. Elop is eligible for CEO of the Year 2013 in my opinion.

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      • I agree with you 100%. I will be very glad if Nokia share goes up 1 dollar per year. It means for me 25% profit, I think we will have more than 1 dollar per year per share. Just we need to be patient and calms.

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      • The CEO of Nokia Corporation Stephen Elop is a winner.

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      • thermo, glad you are correcting the disinformation. Spreading FUD about the CEO is a common tactic for those wanting to stir up emotion. Best thing to do is ignore these fools.

      • The stock was at 4.75 the time he open his mouth. how many analysts feel comfortable with him you said?
        How many times investors bought the stock and got burned just as he open his mouth? The day he presented the phone, last year, the stock dropped 15%!! People don't like him talking, he makes them want to get the hell out. That is the facts. As sad as it is. He failed to install hope and royalty for the shareholders, they can't sleep one night without thinking is it will open up or down 3%. any gain so far was unsustainable. A CEO of the year, sure it is possible, Yassr Arafat won a Nobel Peace price so everything is possible.
        The problem is simple, the s,art phone is not just hardware, it is a cultural item, an image. People pay lots of money to be seen with an iPhone. Steve Jobs sold it that way. Nokia's phones are more features rich. So what, get a face people admire to sell it on TV. I feel sorry for Nokia's engineers, they are really the best there is but having a good phone is not enough, these days, you need an image to go with it.

      • The best CEO's understand that the stock price is a result, not causal. Most of them pay little if any attention to it, especially on a day to day basis. NOK still has a lot to prove, but they have already proven a lot. This is not a mad Wall Street conspiracy.

        There are still a lot of uncertainties with NOK and the street hates uncertainty with a passion. As results and progress gets more and more transparent, shorts will become irrelevant and the stock will reward patient investors. To ignore the substantial risk in this investment is to misunderstand turnarounds.

    • I am afraid I will have to agree with you. For a while I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel from his new upbeat stance, but now with the same shortage of lumias plaguing the co, I am afraid I may end up losing everything unless they kick this guy out. He is incapable of learning even from a good experience as to how he energized the shreholders with the little pre-emptive good news when the stock was being clobbered. It attratced many more buyers who will now flee and never to come back cause of what happened to them, like a tease, imo. That is what is scary about this stock being owned by shorts because of this stupid ceo who does not know how to deal with wall st. Oh yes the pps will take care of itself is his stupid reasoning. Tell that to the shorts, bozo. They are taking care of it for you, slamming it day in day out. It is never able to sustain itself, cause of the emboldened shorts who are killing nok in collusion on a daily basis.

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      • Monik, you really have a thick layer through which facts cannot penetrate, huh? For the life of you, you cannot recognize the major headway NOK has made, say, in the last year, can you? And you rallied luv_n_peace onto your obsolete bandwagon (your opinion could last hold at least some water about 15 months ago).

        Luv, that was quite a ramble you wrote there -- sell short if you believe yourself, and if you have any wherewithal.

      • I guess in your parallel universe things are looking bleak. That's sure not how I see it here.

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      • He is an ex Microsoft Guy. HEAD OF THE OFFICE DIVISION. The motherload of Microsoft at that time. He and Gates & Ballmer can work together like nothing Samsung or Google could offer for shareholders. Yes, I did say work with Gates on the Microsoft agreement. Microsoft will not let Nokia fail. I hope it drops to 2. IT WON'T So I will not Panic. If it does we will be Microsoft Stockholders. The dividends I get from that stock are living income. This stock is in no danger. The Shorts are in danger, because this stock can be taken out (that means bought) at anytime. Tonight, tomorrow, etc. It is almost a 100% certainty. There was a fear today that Nokia or Nokia Siemmens was going to use the buy back to take out another company and possibly separate the Nokia & Wirelesss divisions. That split has been publicly reported in the past. This was more panic selling for those that bought in the $4.00 area. There was strong support at 4.09. I am not advising anyone what to do because I do not know what anyone else should do except myself. Most people can spot a free fall. Most people can also spot a support level that kicks in. I hope there will be a public announcement after one month on China sales next week. If not, I have people there, that could video tape students, store rushes etc. The only problem is they do not speak English or hardly.

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      • Turn the computer off and look back in a few weeks and am sure you will be pleasantly surprised otherwise you have unreasonable expectations for this to make straight line up. This dips are natural and healthy for long term progression. Get fundamental story right and stock price will take care of itself. Bullying and bad mouthing on this board isn't going to stir management into taking action on daily basis. That's not their job. If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. And stop trying to scare people out of the stock!!

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