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  • lumiaisawesome lumiaisawesome Jan 30, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    Windows Phone market share

    Just checked a few counties on GS statcounter. UK is clearly rolling over from BB to WP. The trend is gaining momentum.
    All Europe was strong. I was also surprised to see Mexico gaining market share at a huge rate. It was 0.29% last year and sits now at a strong 3.4% market share. Wasnt Mexico some sort of experiment with a real low end Windows Phone (510 - 7.5)? If thats a proxy for the world wide succes of the 620 (WP8) it is encouraging. The 620 should have alot less problems with supply.The 920 paved the way for its succes.

    I still believe the positives outdo the negatives, combined with a fire sale value for the company, i think we still have alot of room to go up.

    Today we sank a bit because of the Rimm fallout, but in the long end, today is actually a very good day for Nokia. BB doenst look to be offering something really 'new-cool' wich could turn the tide for them. Leave WP as the 3th dog.

    I'm not pumping, just trying to keep the perspective and it looks everything is going by the plan :)

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    • RIMM is a total pump and dump by Goldman. RIMM has nothing to offer. They're way too late and what they're offering is nothing new. Nokia on the other hand has global contracts and an entire lineup of cool and competitive phones to offer people of every income level. And they're now selling these things globally including in china with huge subsidies.

      And one cool thing to keep remembering - Nokia is beholden to no-one while everyone worships Nokia and its patent trove. So Nokia is free to innovate while the rest have to find innovation while dancing around Nokia's giant patent ocean - it's not gonna be easy for the other guys to put out anything new without getting sued. And forget Samsung - they don't even try to innovate, it's cheaper for them to steal. This is why I think Nokia will have a nice edge on design with their new aluminum flagship hopefully launching in April.

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    • dorianpc Jan 30, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

      Every day, more and more people use windows phone. Regardless of whether you take the elevator or the stairs, It still goes to the top.

    • Checking by countries will give the most positive outlook. (Don't check worldwide!!!!)

    • That was part of it. Thank Briefingdotcom for listing the NOK stock buy back on INPLAY. That is a board for take out rumors and day trading info. Remember w7 & w8 are not comparable or the phones and agreements. It has only been a few months.

    • Nokia is an international brand and has an international following. Very difficult to garner the following that NOK has overseas. VERY. This is a HUGE competitive advantage. You can build a phone, but can you build a brand?

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