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  • senspeed senspeed Jan 31, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    a little depressed today...

    Not sure where the support is, none apparently. Perhaps this stock needs to sink further for Elop to act and respond. It's just a slow but constant loss of blood here.

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    • I bailed this a.m. street continues to bash the stock and short sellers are seemingly endlessly attracted to the stock. The technical damage has began to weigh on the stock. The stock will probably eventually work but I have other fish to fry as they say. I just don't see the catalyst needed to drive the stock higher. Good luck longs.

    • It's getting to me too. But honestly I am very confident in this company. I believe the stock price will go to the $5's again, possibly within the next few months. You could try not watching the stock for awhile until you feel strong enough to watch again. It's not easy but look at it this way, you have your X amount of shares still. Just like if you buy a house, you still have the house. But would you sell in a down market? Or would you wait until the housing market increased? Again, the house is still yours, it's just a matter of holding on from selling it until the market value will go up. And Nokia is a good company.

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      • I agree with angierosed, that NOK will riser higher again in the coming months, probably after Q1 earnings are released. Nokia has made huge stride forwards, and nobody should forget they actually made a profit in Q4, which was almost unexpected. The dropping stock value is more of a product of manipulation by large investment firms hoping to reset the price, so they can buy in at even greater amounts before the price hits the low teens. I have seen this before, and don't let anybody tell you that the manipulation is a myth. However, it won't last forever, and the thing that really matters most is that Nokia is on track to earning profits again...

        It sucks, but don't sell, otherwise you'll lose the opportunity to earn proper rewards on your investment. I suggest to be patient, and just ride the waves, and then see if you can buy more on these artificial dips, because that's exactly what the bigger investment firms are doing!

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      • I tell you it's all part of a big GAME and Elop is part of this,otherwise he would have made a STATEMENT about the India -tax,this tells me ether that Nokia planning something BIG.....

    • Besides the last time he opened his mouth he created a new class of bagholders. He will do better to shut up.

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      • True that! These people really beat up on me when I said I took a couple of shots of booze and a beer on the day of the CC. But it was true. I needed something to shake off the Kool-Aid I'd been sipping here.

        The problem with these people is that they only worry about upside risk. They think nothing of the fact that the stock can go down. They've told themselves so many times that the stock is going higher that they're completely oblivious of the fact that it can go lower. It's really sad to see such a complete ignorance of reality.

        The worst part is that they will still cling to that notion as Nokia traces back down to $2. This India tax issue is the real deal and they're going to take Nokia to the cleaners for it. Think about it. If you were the Indian tax authorities and you knew this company had a bleak future, wouldn't it be in your own best interest to get as much as humanly possible now while the getting is good.

        But these fools will never learn. I read one #$%$ posting today how AAPL should by Nokia. Again, the level of desperation is off the charts!

        But I'm learning to give on them. Lest they turn me into Momo completely. Whoever could be saves has already been saved. The rest are left holding the bag and biting the pillow.

    • demomilo Jan 31, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

      I have lost a good deal of money in the last week. What can I do but hang in and hope things turn around eventually ...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Just because it happened that one time doesn't mean it will ever happen again. Right now it's very hard to say which direction this will go. I would just hold long term. But when this thing dead cat bounced into $4.2-4.3 was a good time to sell. But the cheerleaders were talking about $5 Feb calls. Never listen to people on any board.

    • Elop is just running the business, they don't react to daily fluctuations in stock price. Last q comments were very solid and encouraging, so go with that. Should be buying on dips, I bought today, but some think 3.5 will be the buy trigger.

    • You are not the only one! Seems there is strong suport at €2.85 . It's the low of the day as well. Now we are at €2.89

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