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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Jan 31, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    --- Lumia 620 - The Dark Horse

    Any else notice how hot the 620 has been selling? Keep in mind it just got released, there's ZERO PR or marketing and ZERO subsidies. This is pretty unbelievable and I don't think anyone expected this. And it's not like at nearly $300 its dirt cheap.

    I really think it could be a dark horse in Q1 - it should pull ASP's, Revenues, margins and profits higher than expected. Not to mention perhaps help get us to 9 million Lumias.

    The US is the most surprising cause there's no carriers selling it and Nokia generally doesn't sell that well here - plus it's a windows phone. Check out Expansys USA. Currently it's ranked at number 1, 5, 14 and 15 (various colors - and yes, it's in stock, shipping within 5 days). Yes, it's outselling the Galaxy Note II and the galaxy S3 and every other phone on Expansys. This has staying power since this is happening on its own and hardly anybody knows about this phone yet. We should see sales spike as word gets out and maybe some advertising. And it would be nice to see Verizon and AT&T pick this up.

    It also just started selling on the UK and given its only been 1 day it's doing amazing there as well - and that's another market where Nokia is not popular. So I can't imagine the potential of the 620 in other European countries, China and India where the brand is very sought after.

    I expect some kind of surprise sales rumors about this soon.

    Time to Jet!

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    • Saw ad for Lumia by AT&T last night on TV. $99.00.

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    • info Feb 1, 2013 7:50 AM Flag

      I like your optimism but i don't believe Expansys is a big seller in the US. I hope we can sell a lot of 620's but im not sure.

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      • Even so, the point is that the 620 is selling more than the most popular Samsung phones. Imagine if carriers took it on like they do in Europe. And imagine if the same trend holds true in Europe and china and India. Usually US sales tell you how a product will sell globally. If so then the 620 should be a huge seller. .

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      • I think the point is that yes what is Expansys and why is an unadvertised phone selling so well there??? Lots of other phones being sold there and no matter how low the totals this unknown 620 is outselling the 920, the Note and all Galaxy's. Why, what is going on?

        How do people know about this phone find this site and then buy?

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    • 5 Star "Best Buy" in Expert Reviews.

      Yes, this one could be the slam dunk, but the funny thing is 820 is rising, too, on Google Trends, and 920 is just getting cranked up with Yellow model now available on Amazon, at Walmart, though still not at AT&T. Meanwhile, Cyan keeps selling out on Amazon and not available at AT&T. The 822 seems to have some bogus 1 Star reviews at Verizon from ?hedgies, Droid fans... but nevertheless has around a total of 330 reviews already which is quite a few compared to other phones on the site.

      I'm sure many of us are curious to see follow-thru once products are fully available, though they'll likely keep running it lean until the damn (hopefully) bursts and Nokia has it's first major hit. It is hard to imagine sales not being MUCH higher for Windows 8 and Nokia this year. Remember in this business, it only takes one RAZR, Galaxy, iPhone, etc., to really change things for a company and Nokia is due. And the Lumia brand, and reputation is building.

      And we haven't even talked about full-scale adoption by the majority of carriers Worldwide and not just exclusives.

      Best and hope people are taking advantage of the shenanigans and adding. I feel NO hesitation here and feel, LONG TERM, anything under 5 is something we'll laugh about with "2020," as in the year, hindsight. Graphene, patents, engineering, Brand, design, maps, NSN/spinoff/sale, Reputation, ???....these are the things that will takes things to "11" and then some!

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      • Great post, I agree. What you say about needing just 1 hit phone is also true but here's the cool thing about Nokia's strategy - they inundated the market with an array of really nice smartphones and there's more even better flagships coming by April - and these phones are at every price range so they can really go after all the Nokia loyal fans, globally. Also, with so many colors in every variant phone it's hard to gauge how well these phones are selling - so I think Nokia may really surprise the street for Q1.

        I mean, to me it looks like the 920 is selling just as well as Q4 (and look at the selling price, it's rock solid, 3 months out and during the weakest, slowest month and quarter for cellphones, hence the "supply constraint problem" - smart move by Elop) except now we have China and India online. And look at the 620, it's killing it in the US (does anyone know what kind of numbers Expansys puts out), a huge and key market and in the UK also and it's also on carriers in Europe and china and India. I mean, I literally see no way Nokia can sell less than 6 million in Q1 even if it is the weakest quarter.

        And I really see a very good probability that they will get 9 million Lumias. If that happens the ASP's and margins are gonna really go up, and it's gonna be very official that Nokia has indeed turned the corner. I just wish we would get some news before then so my Feb and April $5 calls don't go to zero.

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    • THanks great info

      I saw the first adds for Lumia 820 in Denmark this week. I wonder if Nokia finally boosted supply

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    • Lumia 620 has very good users review in Viet Nam. Cost $260.00 USD unlock. Has been selling in Viet Nam for a few weeks now.

      Also, Lumia 920 is the most popular phone of the year 2012 with 35.62% of votes, beat out iPhone 5 (28.41%) and Samsung Galaxy S III (20.85%) ... the rest are other phones such as Galaxy note 2, Nexus 4, HTC etc.

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