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  • porchoggs porchoggs Feb 1, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Will Take a Long Time...

    to restore confidence in Nokia due to burning the market badly over the last 3-4 yrs. Analysts are hesitant to give them too much love and institutions etc. It could take all year of earnings growth and sales to build their reputation back... imho..

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    • Well then why haven't ALL analysts changed to a buy fool? Shaking my head...

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    • Ur opinion is sooo........humble:-) now, go hide ur $ under the mattress and stop trading stocks. You're suck at it

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      • Folks I have a position in Nokia and am not interested in it going down. However, I am just saying, when a company takes a bad turn like Nokia did and fell from glory, it takes a while for the market to trust it again. That is why we didn't go over 5 after one report. That is all I am saying. If 3 more quarters go by and we are doing well, Nokia will be 8-10. It ticks me off that we aren't higher but confidence takes longer than one qtr. Krispy Kreme is recovering, was a market darling and fell from grace but now is on the up and up. If you only want to believe completely positive news then you shouldn't be in the market. Geeeezz...

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    • I think it's actually the exact opposite. There is nothing the street would rather see than Nokia restored to its former glory. The second there is real conclusive evidence that Nokia is back, this stock will move fast.

      And that could be as soon as this quarter.

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      • thefretgenie - I agree with your comment about the importance of "conclusive evidence" (i.e., profits/sales).

        Frankly, I don't much care what analysts think unless they have information I don't have, which they sometimes the case.

        I think what is driving Nokia's price is fairly straightforward - are they making money selling phones? Today, Nokia cannot point to any hard sales or profit figures that would give an analyst a bulletproof case to take to his boss and say "I recommend a BUY on Nokia, here are the historical FACTS supporting my conclusion".

        Point here - when Nokia shows strong sales and profits, the share price will increase. When Nokia shows strong profits over time, multiples will increase.

    • you should google this: Brand Equity's Most Exciting Brands 2013: How Adidas, Nokia and Blackberry have trounced market leaders

      better research a bit before you post BS, Nokia is one of most valuable and trusted brands worldwide, why should only analysts see this different?

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