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  • boobermonkey boobermonkey Feb 1, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Qualcomm Finally Sees Unconstrained Supply of 28nm Chips.

    Google the subject line if you want to read the article.

    "Qualcomm Reports Record Results as 28nm Products Supply Constraints Come to End." If this was indeed the bottleneck in the Lumia supply chain, then we should see drastically improved volumes this Q.

    Why is no one on the board talking about this? Did everyone get hung out on the Indian tax non-issue?

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    • SWEEEET.

      But watch supply of the 920 will still be constrained. It's a good way to get free hype from the press and to keep prices high which really help with the margins. They'll drop the prices next month when they announce the new phones including the new 950 which I expect to launch by end of April to combat the new killer S4 which is said to have 8 cores and 13 MP camera.

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    • That is excellent new! Thanks for posting it. It is possible it may take some time for Nokia production to catch up and fill supply channels, but at least now there is a path. Now China, India, NA, Europe, and all other markets to sell at levels we'd like to see.

      After the MWC announcements, presuming any phones announced there use Qualcomm chips, we should see more advertising in the US for flagship Nokia phones. Until now there was no sense creating demand that couldn't be filled.

      By the way, the 28nm chips are now old technology. Intel will be shipping a 22nm chip with LTE very soon. I expect Nokia will grab it up, and I expect Nokia will also use a similar (no LTE) 22nm Intel chip in any tablet they produce. Intel has tremendous production capacity - a $25 billion capital expenditure budget for 2012/13, and that's on top of already unused capacity. I think Intel is planning to take over mobile chip production for the world, and I think Nokia/MS will be strategic partners in that effort. After that, late 13 early 14 Intel will produce a 14nm chip, and in 14 they will offer a 7 to 10 nm chip. Huge innovation, and no one can touch them, and I think Nokia/MS has the inside track with Intel - not Apple, not Samsung.

    • thanks boober, really encouraging news for Nokia.

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    • Don't try and introduce facts to the majority of this board. They prefer to hurl unsubstantiated, emotional opinions.

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