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  • thermonuke Feb 1, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

    Wyoming Set to Exercise its 10th Ammendment

    Likely to proceed to a vote, the State of Wyoming is proposing a ban on federal gun laws and prison time to any official attempting to enforce.

    Well, that took long enough.

    States can use the 10th to bypass gun laws, the ATF, the DEA, and even the currency system. As there is no constitutional ammendment authorizing the delegation of currency to a 3rd party, states may exercise the 10th to withdraw from the Federal currency system.

    Tired of market manipulation? Tired of bailed out banks, pushing a $600T derivitives market to be backed by the public, while the folks that set it up (on purpose) take windfall personal profits while only a paper entity is liable? Tired of no accountability? Tired of controlled media sticking fingers into your portfolio?

    All these questions and more are solved by the 10th ammendment to the United States Constitution.

    (waiting for the knock on my door now)

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    • thermonuke Feb 4, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

      Well folks, the NOK abuse looks set to continue this week. BBRY may have sold a whole 100,000 Z10's since launch, so of course BBRY will have the spotlight as they continue the pumped path of bankruptcy.

      I'll miss out mostly though, will be attending a trade show all week, so I thought I'd leave you all with a constitutional debate this morning in my absense.

      Increasingly, the 10th is the only path left to reign in out-of-control Federal programs.

      Where will the extra $1T in spending go this year? Apparently, the 2007 plunge and public assumption of $T's in derivitives has forced the Feds to spend an extra $1T every year since. Even with all that (not even counting the monetary expansion) the US economy shrank in the Q4.

      Youtube the video "endless tank train" from 2012. Even all that barely scratches a $1T in spending.

    • Thermo, bravo!
      I particularly like the part where it says the powers are ultimately reserved to the people. The main reason people want "scary looking weapons" is to protect their powers specially because this government wants to deny the people this power reservation.

    • its been leagal to have a loaded gun under the seat of the car ur driving in wyoman for like forever

    • They'll starve each state until the people there just voluntarily give up their guns. Unfortunately I'm sure they've thought of a plan to deal with the 10th amendment. It snot gonna be pretty. If they can't do it via financial manipulation/destruction then they'll do it by brute force (for the good of the people). Like an executive order and a nationwide lockdown to confiscate all guns by force deeming any gun owner a "right wing fundamentalist" and thus a terrorists with no rights. Who's gonna really fight that? Not many, and they already have camps built to deal and reeducate those that put up a fight. It's inevitable.

      The Bush passed bill already gives the govt absolute power over all of us they just have to first label us terrorists and then the bill will apply to us. What's sad is we voted for it. See how easy it that was? Taking our guns away will be just as easy for them. And people will be dumb or desperate enough to vote for it.

      Human stupidity is infinite.

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      • jdlowvoltage000 Feb 2, 2013 2:34 AM Flag

        They will not share each state only take drivers license, fine you,no registration and #$%$ up your credit for keeping your gun..people will cave in and give up about 50% of they're guns and that's all they need to be positive of the outcome..when the economy collapses for good and there is not enough food,batteries, etc there will be unrest.. they have calculated a 50% reduction will suffice.. and the others will voluntarily submit with estimated 10% revolt including 10% law enforcement and military..

        OH YEA almost forgot..go nokia!

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    • Interesting Message. For anyone interested, here is the 10th Amendment, the last of the Bill of Rights (can be checked by Gooogling):

      Amendment 10
      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

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      • thermonuke Feb 2, 2013 12:54 AM Flag

        The author of the 10th, under some critisism for offering the ammendment since it was implicit that only the Constitution defined government powers, defended his ammendment basically by saying: Well, if it's so evident then it wouldn't hurt to just toss this in at the end of this bill.

        Basically the states ratifying the Constitution and subsequent bill of rights was *explicitly* defining the role of Federal vs State. If it's not in the Constitution then the Federal level has no jurisdiction and it is entirely up to the state. Arms control, healthcare, taxes, on and on.

        It is quite frankly illegal for the federal government to tell or financially punish a State if it is not in the ammended Constitution to provide the federal government with that authority in the first place!

        The Constitution both implicitly and explicitly provides the State a way to lawfully ignore unlawful Federal demands, and therefore the power of the Federal Government is restricted to what the States deem permissable. I don't remember the part where Florida, or Montana, or even California voted to pay for their own currency.

    • wacko

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