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  • aiwal1 aiwal1 Feb 4, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    S. KOREA is a "PARASITE NATION" (lives off US Taxpayers Backs)

    S. Korea has very rich companies, making over $100 billion. Samsung and Hyundai...etc. Yet that country still "parasites" off U.S. taxpayers. We pay for more US Troops to be in S. Korea to defend them against "communism", than we have in most Mid-East Countries we've intervened in. wHY? S. Korea is rich enough to pay their own armed forces. They had money for tons Superbowl Commercials last night.

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    • I've worked there, and I've hosted a Korean exchange student.

      The Korean people work very hard. They are successful because they've EARNED it. There will be a huge adjustment in the Korean when (not if) they reunify with North Korea. It will take years of work to bring that economy up to a functional level, not to mention the burden of working with millions of North Korea citizens whose psychological outlook on the world has been damaged by a brutal police state and widespread hunger.

      Sandwiched between China and Japan (much like Poland, between Germany and Russia) the people of South Korea have a vibrant culture and economy. They are part of the fabric of the world economy now, but have much work ahead of them before things there are "right" - things most other countries take for granted. They deserve our continued support simply because they are a successful democracy with a market economy, and the more countries like that, the better for the US. Helping Korea is that happy junction where the right thing to do is also in our own self interest.

    • US want to be in S Korea and Japan because of China and Russia. That is the only reason why US is in S Korea because S Korea is in the middle of major power like China, Russia and Japan. You don't make sense, if US is not in S Korea or Japan then you know what would happen to one of the world most influence region? It would go to China or Russia and US can't have that and be consider super power when majority of world products and good % of world finance are in this region US need to be here. Israel is what you should consider parasite with not much help to US in that part of the region. And also have you every been to S Korea to understand the situation or in that part of the region.

    • No that would be Israel big boy.

    • don't be a hater. it is not S. Korea's fault. our government is dysfunctional. troops are there for a good reason and mostly for US strategic presence in Asia. You can argue whether it is needed or not. S. Korea rather have the US troops out then there... trust me. Our government if have any brain would use the argument that you are making and sell it to the S Korea government and make some $ back for having troops there. But that won't happen, because our government is dysfunctional and can not get it right.

    • I agree, Psy must be stopped.

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