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  • bronxsbomber57 bronxsbomber57 Feb 4, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    No reaction of Nokia Mgmt -- to stop free fall of share price ??

    - global supply status
    - China Mobile deal
    - Tax issues

    don't you think some more "official" information would help here?

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    • There's a reason why they picked the time they did to announce the suspension of the dividend. The fact that the stock has not fallen farther is good news. I have a feel they are counting on some good news in the very near future to pick it back up again.

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    • You think China Mobile wants NOK to talk specifically about its "deal"? No doubt it is covered by a non-disclosure agreement. Tax issues are for lawyers and courts to deal with, not shareholders. The company's competitors would love to learn more about Nokia's supply status. If you don't like it, sell your shares and find a company that pumps outs press releases.

    • What do you expect - Eflop isn't a real CEO.

      How hard is it to come out and give his professional view on the tax issue which is weighing heavily on the stock?

      How hard would it be to come out and say: "This looks like another Vodafone shakedown and we will fight this. Given everything we know, our view at this time is that we have paid all taxes due and we don't expect to pay a single dime of the absurd $2.5 Billion bill the Indian Tax Dept just sent us."

      If that's the truth and by now they should know what's going on, how hard is it to articulate it?

      Obviously, if you're an incompetent CEO it's harder than one would think.

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    • they are not concerned with the day to day price of the shares they, are rightly concerned with the operation of the day to day affairs of running a company of this size. You can worry about the share price, and either buy or sell, let them do their jobs.

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    • corneliusflake Feb 4, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

      sorry, if they talk of rumor someone will make new rumor just to make them dance like monkey. dance never end if start,,,,,,,,,,,

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      • dont rush the monkey or he wont put in a good show

      • The $2.5 Billion tax bill they just got ain't a rumor. It's an actual bill. On a physical and real piece of paper. Probably in a huge, real envelope along with a real extortion, err, demand letter. And there's real, actual, factual press releases from real and reputable agencies confirming this. Those too are real cause they're on the real internets on my very real iPad and I can print them out on a nice real 8/11.5 sheet of real paper and hold it in my real hand and look at it with my real eyes and feel how real it is as I'm reading it.

        So I'm pretty sure this $2.5 billion tax bill fiasco is NOT a rumor, therefore, Eflop, the leader (cough) and CEO of Nokia, is free from the chains of "we don't respond to rumors" policy, and can and should clear the air since it does materially impact the company on many different levels.

        Just sayin'.

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      • well, I think they should not talk about rumours but rather provide better insights about major concerns many shareholders have. This will actually help to stop speculation when providing more facts from official comm channels.

        What is so bad to persue an open communication policy to shareholders. I would appreciate to know more about supply issues and counter actions taken, just as an example.

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