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  • moha0061 moha0061 Feb 5, 2013 1:22 AM Flag

    What are you most Annoyed:Lumia 920 Stockouts everywhere or Nokia Share Price Tanking

    Personally,I find the Lumia 920 Stockouts disheartening if not outrageous and unacceptable.3 months after launch and Nokia can't match production to demand of Lumia 920? How do you expect to grow Sales if you are loosing customers because they can't buy 920 due to constant stock outs and shortages.Given that customers have a lot of new smartphones to choose from these days,Its incompetent and suicidal not to have enough 920s on the shelves and online so that every customer that wants to buy can buy and customers who are just shopping for a new smartphone can have their fingers on the 920 while they do their comparison shopping.

    I'm Nokia long but its really dishearting and worrisome to see a worldwide shortage of Lumia 920.and I don't accept that demand is outstripping supplies,its more like sufficient supplies are there to meet demand for these hot smartphones.Almost 4 months now and Nokia can't put enough Lumias in China,Europe,U.S and even India is plagued by supply shortage.

    So,when Nokia reports at the end of 1st quarter and they report 10 Million new Lumias sold (i'm just giving a number that's likely),Nokia investors should know that they could have easily sold twice that number had Nokia had enough 920,620 and 820 available to consumers and missed out potential long term customers to competitors.

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    • Elop needs to pay more attention to supply side. If he gets it right it will be a big gain for the company, but he needs to act faster.

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    • carbryce Feb 5, 2013 6:12 AM Flag

      Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger....wish it was,that simple.

      People have to realize that what makes Lumia's so popular is the very thing that makes it difficult to produce. Colors.

      while every model is easy to understand, some overlook the fact a cyan 920 is essentially another model from the yellow 920. Carriers just don't have a stock pile of different colored back plates to switch out upon customer request.

      Nokia is essentially making 6 different 920 phones and trying to satisfy a global market. And its probably never going to be perfect because of it. That's the price for having variety.

    • info Feb 5, 2013 5:06 AM Flag

      Yeah i thought that they would solve this issue before february, but all over Europe and Asia its still a problem to get your hands on an 920. How can they not have a plan in place when a product sells better than expected?

      Im losing faith in Elop.

    • moha, welcome to my ignore list.
      you are so obvious a short

    • Folks... Seriously... Look at the OP. Here is a supposed investor whose sentiment is "Strong Buy" yet uses these words in his post:

      loosing (his spelling) customers
      plagued by supply shortage

      Either incredibly stupid OR here to stir up emotion.... no in between. Don't let these fools get under your skin. Sell on your own terms (trade, time to get out, whatever), but not because of the stupidity you will see from now until there is any new news. If you were smart enough to trade some shares at the high or were kicking yourself for not getting in, consider this a gift.

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      • Like I said yesterday, the vultures are back. Actually BlackBerry would be a good carcass for them. LOL

      • If you are not outraged with the supply issue of 920,you are #$%$ up investor or simply a nokia stock stooge.What the #$%$ are you talking about? I'm long,I'm buying Nokia on every dip because I'm an investor,a real investor and not an idiot stooge who thinks/believes voicing his displeasure or concerns about the stock he is invested is just bad for the value of the stock.

        If you really think voicing your concern about Nokia will impact negatively the stock,you don't understand wall Street then.If pumping and bashing will affect Nokia stock,we would be either a penny stock or triple digit stock right now.So get screw yourself Idiot.

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    • you forgot egregious! lol

      Keep it up guys... feel another buy coming on.

    • new type of shorties telling they are long

    • I dont think supply is still a problem for the 920. Supply is tight but it is enough. Prices remain elevated. I mean, i can order the 920 right now at several stores. I wont do that of course, price needs to go down first :)
      I also dont think demand for the Lumia in general is low. The 920 is losing momentum right now, wich took a remarkable long time. The 620 is in play now. They need to announce more products soon.

      Also, the old 7.5 phones are still selling.

      As Nokia expands the portfolio, so will sales.

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      • Actually demand is very strong for the Lumia 920,you have sold out online and in store.As soon as stock is available,it runs out within a day or two? The question is,how much stock of 920 is made available to these retailers whether online or carriers.Common sense tells me that,it is a supply issue right now otherwise if the demand was this strong (selling millions of 920 within days,the talk would have been Nokia).Look at Apple and Samsung in comparison,you don't hear or see these sold out stories online and in store carriers.

        What's also not acceptable is,Nokia is not saying what's causing the shortage or why it is unable to meet demand 4 months in 920 launch.The 820s variation is not having the same shortage issues,most of the sold out in 920s variation is color preferance and mostly with Verizon and few other carriers that are genuinely having demand outstrip supply but its been refurbished just as quickly.This is what a real demand looks like but not with the stock out of 920..there is something going on with the 920 and Nokia owes shareholders an update to the cause of the shortage.

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