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  • savage4731 savage4731 Feb 7, 2013 1:59 AM Flag

    Shorts are struggling with reading comprehension

    Nowhere in the Bloomberg article does it say that Nokia has ONLY sold 30,000. It is talking about a SPECIFIC order of 90,000 phones (in preparation for the holiday) that Nokia was unable to fill. That's a good thing. It means Nokia is selling phones faster than they can make them and that there is huge demand worldwide.

    The number of Lumias sold in China is in the millions. Just Google search terms like "Nokia, China, Lumia" and read the articles. There's thousands of them talking about the great sales in China. Heck, they sold more than 30,000 before the 920 was even released there.

    This is either complete stupidity or total disingenuousness on the part of the shorts. Then again, I don't think anyone who's still shorting a stock that has tripled in price in 6 months (and increased nearly 10% just in the last 2 days) is exactly bright.

    These short posts misquoting the Bloomberg article are short desperation. Nothing more.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • From the interviews I have seen from Elop, he doesn't seem to mislead. He chooses his words fairly carefully as he needs to, but is not misleading. In the recent interview on the abc Australia site (yahoo thread Elop Interview), he talks a little about the China Mobile deal... He says that "we are beginning to see very good and promising signs from that effort" around the 10:30 mark.

      From the Bloomberg article: "Most China Mobile outlets won’t carry the 4,599-yuan ($738) device ahead of next week’s holiday, with the largest Chinese operator blaming delivery shortages. While 90,000 Lumia 920T models were ordered through Jan. 30, Nokia only shipped 30,000, said Li Yan, a China Mobile spokeswoman."

      Just can't see Elop calling that "very good" nor "promising".

      Also, I really doubt a China Mobile spokeswoman would be saying those things. Google/Bing Li Yan China Mobile... you would think a spokeswoman for China Mobile would be speaking on the record quite a bit. Hard to find any "Li Yan" quotes though, but then I don't know how her name is spelled in Chinese, so that may be why as well. Either way, If this person really exists as a China Mobile spokesperson, she's probably in the farthest reaches of China by now selling China Mobile GSM phone recharge cards in some remote village.

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