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  • gioponti_ponti gioponti_ponti Feb 11, 2013 4:11 AM Flag

    Android will be history soon

    Those who bought Android were looking for an alternative to Apple. Now there is Win8 and there is absolutely no reason for people to choose Android over Win8 phone. MS should make Win8 for phones affordable just like the old days when Windows almost drove Apple bankrupt.

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    • Stop dreaming.
      Check how many of ~712 million smartphones sold in 2012 were Android powered. Too many to disappear very soon.

    • I'm sorry but this is just a ridiculous statement. Android is by far the market share leader in smartphones. People aren't just using Android because it isn't Apple, they actually like it. Win8 is nice, I do like it, but to say there is absolutely no reason to go Android is plain false. The app market in Win8 still sucks. If you really want me to name apps they don't have I can and will. On top of that some of the top apps they do have are not as functional or are buggy. This is a problem. I think Nokia makes the best phones hardware-wise. I also think they make some cool software/apps, but the exclusive apps aren't showstoppers. There mapping service has an advantage globally to be sure, but not in the U.S. All that said, they definitely shot themselves in the foot by going exclusively with Windows and not dipping into the Android market. I think an Android Nokia phone with their exclusive apps would have been and would still be a huge success. I hope the best for the company, because I am heavily invested in it, but to say there is no reason for someone to choose Android over Windows is plain wrong.

    • Polar bears will be history soon due to climate change. nok to 20 is unchange.

    • Massive apps selection and an open system to do as you choose are 2 great reasons people will buy android over W8 or iOS for years to come.

      Let's keep it real. Android isn't going anywhere, it's getting better but the market is so huge and growing so fast and Nokia has a few Key advantages that it doesn't matter if android stays first or second. Even in 3rd place Nokia can be a $50 stock in 3 years time.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I don't think so. Apple maybe. There's a report that people are going into shops in the UK and looking at the Nexus tablet and the iPad and leaving with the Nexus. It's cheaper, lighter and works better. A friend of mine has come into one - he has an iPad and says the Nexus is better. I think it is Apple that is in trouble. Nokia's tablet is unlikely to be cheap. It will try to be high quality and therefore will hit Apple before it hits Google because the Nexus etc tabs aim at the middle to low paying consumer, not the luxury, high paying consumer. No doubt a Nokia tablet could take custom from Google too since it has the Windows / Office compatability.

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      • Actually there is a under served market for tablets. Note that I did not use the word unserved but under-served. There is a difference. A lot of corporations, 92 % on Window PCs, are now forced to choose between Androids or iOS, Nexus is even worse as corporate support is just not effectively met. That is where a big window of opportunity lies. Now it used to be that we often see sales man walking around in high end cafes presenting prospective clients using Notebooks, then come netbooks, then come ipads, which honestly received lots of complaints because , predictably it cannot sync well with the Window platform they are so use to and already invested lot of man hours and resources in. So, guess what they continue to stick to net books. Just ask the Japanese ! Now Nokia tablet can change all that !

      • Nokia will most likely release a high end tablet first to show off innovation but like the lumia 620 and 520 I could imagine prices dipping close to $200.. Windows seems to run fine on slower APU's and low amounts of memory with no lag..

        The low cost hardware that Nokia can use looks to be obsolete when it comes to Android. i have a 1 st Gen 10.1 galaxy that is not stable and the battery drains very quickly, apps also crash often. I think Android is poorly written and needs state of the art higher clock speeds and tons of memory to keep pace.

      • Tablets are similar to the 12" laptops when they first came out. People will soon find out that they are only good for killing time and nothing else. I think that in few years everyone will have a 6" phone and a desktop. This is why MS made Win8.

      • " looking at the Nexus tablet and the iPad and leaving with the Nexus. It's cheaper"

        Cheaper is dangerous, don't know how much is the W8 license for a tablet but those $50 or so make a difference.

        I pray Nokia does not release a tablet it will have a horrible reception, Windows RT is useless. If Nokia releases one, well needs to be a Pro tablet regardless of battery life limitations, this will be instant success, I would buy one in a heartbeat, reason I did not jump into a Surface Pro as soon as I got Microsoft availability email at 2.00 am yesterday.

    • Well from the king of the mobile OS to being history is a long way home, Android is here to stay, actually if Microsoft does not integrate all Windows platforms into one seamless OS, Android will take the desktop market eventually.

      Do I think this will happen? No, MSFT will integrate all Desktop, Tablet, Phone into one OS and save the day but the threat of a company wiling to give for free a platform is real, very real. Actually you are right Android is Windows enemy not Apple.

    • People should try Windows phone 8, I own the 920 since a few days now and besides the hardware the OS is awesome.

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