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  • harleymark457 harleymark457 Feb 12, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Marco Rubio for president!!

    did ya tune in to his republican response?? DUDE NAILED IT!!! he is my new hero... : )

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    • C u in 2028

    • and the sound they make together is the music to" the story in ur eyes"...Moody Blues..check it..and learn..

    • My reaction to his speech - he could have been reading a speech by Ronald Reagan from 1981. Seriously. And to boot, much of what he said wasn't accurate, and he accused President Obama of saying things and making proposals he didn't make. I could go through his speech line after line - false, false, misleading, incomplete, inaccurate, false, etc.

      I suppose if you don't have the facts on your side, you're left with just making stuff up.

      If Rubio is the best Republicans can offer, it looks to me like they're in trouble. And they are. Republicans had 6 years in control and ruined the economy.

      Try this - the last two Presidents to balance the Federal Budget? Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton.

      The two greatest economic downturns since the Great Depression? Reagan, 1982, and Bush, 2007/8.

      Not to mention the stock market CRASHES of '87 AND '08. And the Savings and Loan Scandal of '86, and the mortgage bubble/scandal of '04-07, both due to purposeful changes in government regulations resulting in reduced oversight. The bankers (and S&L people) all had a great time, at our expense.

      The only group to do well over the last 30 years? Millionaires. If you're not one of them, and you spout and parrot Republican/Fox talking points/nonsense, then you've been had. And the millionaires thank you (verbal thanks only, no money) for your loyal service in making them even richer.

      And this is from a guy who has a lot of money, choose to believe that or not, I don't care.

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      • barack_hussein_johnson_ii barack_hussein_johnson_ii Feb 13, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

        Wow, nice job. You did all that and completely ignored the worst president in American history: Jimmy Carter. That explains the dip that Reagan had and makes it even more impressive that he restored American greatness. You also ignored the roll the Democratic Congress played in the housing fiasco which lead to the '08 economic meltdown and also ignored the roll the republican congress had in the Clinton balanced budget.

        Selective perception is the hall mark of a weak sense critical thinker, clcellve.

      • Let's give them guys a chance. They may have F%$#2&^p with the change but we should move forward using the little red book as a guide and Zimbabwe as a model prospering economy, who without violence got rid of the white colonists. The millionaires will be sorry they exploited the millions of non-working classes who are striving to better themselves regardless of the many obstacles in their way. I recommend that that rich hand in the ill gotten loot just like the kulaks of the former USSR did so we can become a more prosperous country. Best way to identify these freeloaders is to watch their bragging on the message boards when they announce they just bought 1000 shares of Apple. I would also caution not to use the upcoming Apple wrist computing product for use in bridge reconstruction as potential failures may occur. LOL

      • Liberal are scared to death of a spanish-speaking president. Maybe it's ok to be racist if they don't vote republican?

    • The party is grooming him for the next race. Maybe as VP, and if he makes some noise between now and then he could get the nod as the Presidential candidate. He's got MY vote!

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