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  • thermonuke Feb 15, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    Bloomberg Radio - On the Way Home Today

    Pumping the Samsung smart feature phone launch in India, so very devastating to Aapl and their quest for low cost devcices. The topic was India. FOR GOD'S SAKE the USA media and analysts have NO IDEA what Nokia does and what Nokia is doing. Not 1 single mention of Nokia at all. India, smart feature phones, Samsung killing it again, Nokia is not to be mentioned.

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    • samsung is screwed if elop is right that google might pull the plug on them by restricting android

    • dont believe anything you hear and half of wat u c.. : )

    • Samsung's CEO believes in advertising and in getting their name out there, they're very aggressive at that.

      On the other hand, Eflop is the kind, gentle mentally disabled CEO who just Grins in interviews but forgets to say anything useful. And we're giving Softy back that $250,000,000 every quarter for phones we don't even build or ship cause Eflop forgot to think about sales and marketing when he gave Softy the key to the patent and design mountain. Softy should be marketing the lumia line like crazy considering how much Nokia risked for them and how much Softy has to lose of this current lumia line doesn't take off. I can't only hope they're not marketing cause they can't meet demand as it is but we should at least be seeing communications, PR's and a push to raise awareness in the media.

      These journalists work for money - throw money at them, send them free gear just get them talking about Nokia all the time.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Elop is an engineer. I know engineers - great people, great at so many things, but generally bounded in their thinking by numbers. I've yet to read about a successful marketing chief who has an engineering background.

        Right now Elop see's Nokia in a transition phase, going to W8, bringing to market a lot of R&D, but that's not easy - what will customers like? What will be disruptive? No sense in bringing out a bunch of new product features that people don't want. The trick is to establish what people want. Being an engineer, Elop will be data driven, and conservative in bringing out new features absent data.

        Given that, I now think there's a good chance Nokia will not introduce a tablet at the MWC. MS made the RT, and now the Pro. The Pro is doing much better, so I think Nokia will wait for new chips from Intel, due later this year, and bring out a Nokia version of Pro, skipping an RT equivalent tablet.

      • thermonuke Feb 15, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

        That money owed to MSFT is in the price of the device though. Nokia has already shown they can provide quality at low cost, and that's why they will beat Samsung in the end. Not that Samsung is garbage don't get me wrong.

    • themonuke, please realize Nokia has been low key for a few years now. It's going to be a little while longer before we get the respect we deserve. But I promise, not that much longer.

    • thermonuke Feb 15, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

      No I might spam about this. Nokia is India's recently voted "Most Trusted Brand." Nokia's largest factory is in India. Nokia sold 80 feature and smart-feature phones in the Q4.

      Not 1 God Damned mention of Nokia when the topic was Samsung launching a smart feature phone in India. Just oh another blow to AAPL. AAPL has been and will for at least a few more quarters been selling ZERO feature phones anywhere let along India.

    • Therm, you are wrong: Bloomberg is fully aware of Nokia's actions in India. However, they serve they interests of investment groups that are involved with Samsung, and are unfriendly towards reporting about Nokia. Politics and business are not unlike each other, and it's not uncommon for western media to "forget" to report about other regions or countries in the world, and leave out certain important details, such as the fact that the United States and it's allies are funneling arms and money to Syrian rebels/terrorists. In my opinion, there are no accidents, only deliberate oversights...

      Ps.) Could they make this text creation window any smaller? For crying out loud, does Yahoo even know what a text field is? You can give more than 20 characters for the window! Where is my visible side scroll bar? Pathetic!

    • nokia is way ahead of samsung in feature phones. Samsung just came out with their copy cat of nokia's feature phones. By the way, sasmsung is still reverse engineering the lumia 920 all the way to lumia 520. That is the next win phones they will roll out. Mark my words. In the meantime, the idiotic ceo of nokia is telling us it is deliberate that he is creating supply shortage. what an freaking idiot of a goofball.

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