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  • jonesdrifter jonesdrifter Feb 22, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    China Mobile


    I have been following a China Mobile website for more than two weeks now. This site carries an updated listing of best selling phones listing them by day/week/month. I started seeing 920T appear on the daily list at #1 position shortly after the news of disappointing supply came out via the Bloomberg article. Since then the 920T has remained #1 on the daily list until it also became #1 on the weekly list. This phone has now been #1 on the montly list for more than a week. It will stay on the monthly list because it is still today (2/22/13) #1 on the daily and weekly list also. Of course this does not tell us how many phones have sold but to be the best seller at China Mobile for a month (and continuing) has to lead one to believe the numbers will be somewhere near 1 million. It has been outselling it's Smasung rivals. I posted about this website a while back and gave the url and I believe at least one other poster checked it out and verified it. I will give the url below and hope I can arrange it so Yahoo does not disallow the entire post becaus eof the link.

    I find it interesting that we have never been able to get real numbers on sales from anywhere but Bloomberg just happened to find a China MObile spokesperson to actually give some hard numbers. makes me believe this was CM way of telling Nokia to get their supply issue solved or else. And it appears Nokia got the message. NOt sure how Nokia was able to reslove the supply issue as it had been speculated that the cause was a camnera part being suppluied by a Chinese manufacturer. Bet their were some heated phones calls between Beijing and Ispoo. IMHO. The website and #1 selling position are real. Just what that tells us is oly my opinion.

    replace the 'dot' with . gddot10086dotcn/estore/phone/indexdotjsp

    Look on the left side and you will see the sellers listed with picture of phone. The three headers above the phones toggle you between daily/weekly/monthly data. Good luck.

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