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  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Feb 25, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Analysis Of Latest Nokia Position

    I find it rather amazing that people forgot Nokia is far far more than just a smartphone company. Lets us first get the basics right Nokia has already turnaround. It is profitable and the future of the other divison of Nokia has already brighten and is getting brighter and brighter by the day, just read the statement from Suri Sanjeev (if you already do not know who this respectable figure is, bing it !) , indeed from NSN, to patents, to Mapping, to even basic devices, all are seriously ramping up and no one question their pre-eminent position in their respective markets.

    Much ado has been made out over the last 24 hours over the 15 Euro phone from Nokia. However none seem to to nail the real hidden agenda behind it. Remember this is made by one of another Admiral Elop’s general, not the one analysts seem to always be going after. In other words, last night actions is not for smart devices, but from the feature devices. Remember each are targeting different markets. Remember, Nokia feature division has never really been behind the market, unlike the Symbian sector. It has always remain as the most trusted and favourite brand name in its market (Source: Hindu Times) The feature division is heading towards recapturing temporary lost territory from Samsung. Now what happened was just that today, Elop has officially and openly announced they have identified a major flaw and loophole in Androids low ended strategy. However, this should come no surprise to us as we have all from emerging markets mentioned in this board, lower ended Androids are not really the real Androids people refer too, it is a flawed ‘experience’ (to use Elop words) which really cannot run Androids apps well and leaves a lot lot to be desired and that is why a lot of lower Androids consumers are moving towards Asha. Ask yourself this question, if lower Androids are so great, why Samsung have to bother to ramp up Rex ? I have both higher ended and lower ended smartphones, and I own a low ended Samsung Galaxy Mini, let me tell you, you will not like it. Nokia feature phone division is a roll and has identified this area as a meek point to launch a major offensive. Meanwhile the 15 Euro phone is the feature phone division attack to reclaim the all important largest handphone manufacturer in the world title back from Samsung. Samsung knows that and is scrambling to response. As an added note, within that operational arena. Asha is running a new attack based and is ramping up its Asha camera to 5 mega pixels ? Reference source Nokia power user

    OK now let us goto the smartphone division, which strangely seem to take 99 percent of all attention as if only that matters. It is foolish to think Nokia, already long prep its EON and 41, and the elusive 1000 ready for release, suddenly backed out. More likely, Elop intends it as an offensive counter attack weapon the moment competitors release the next wave. As we have mentioned on this board, no offense to Blackberry fans intended but the reason why some analysts are calling it a day for Blackberry is because Z10 is it ! There is nothing left to answer the next wave of Samsung (dub Galaxy S4 and iphone 6 ) coming out. That is not the case with Nokia. Samsung Galaxy S4 and the new iphone 6 is going to be a stronger contender in the market, but it is no match for the powerful new Nokia highest ended smartphone when in comes to areas like camera technologies. In this post Christmas and post Chinese New Year season, Admiral Elop is keeping real quiet on this sector but no competitor should be foolish enough to think Elop is sleeping at the smartphone division. I strongly believe somewhere in Apirl, when the new Galaxy is out, Elop is going to lunch the EON, 41, 1000 series of triple counter attack backed up with figures that Nokia is gaining traction in the Lumia segment (we already know that don’t we, what with all the reports of 620 ) integreated with increasingly widespread adoption of Microsoft Lumia in the global corporate enterprise sector courtesy from Microsoft influence.

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