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  • harleymark457 harleymark457 Mar 1, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

    honestly, loosing faith in nok

    I mean. #$%$?.. I must blame somebody...humm. Well, fortunately, here a rancho, cost a plenty, I'm kept busy with upkeep..and, grandfather purple kush helps..but, my question is, #$%$? With this dissmal stock performance, ..just curious... :-)

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    • If I was the CEO of the largest corp in the world and ruled the Cell phone and Computer industry for several years and out of no where my Empire Crumbles I'd be ticked off big time. Then out of no where a Has Been, Cell Phone Corp Catches Everybody by surprise With a Windows Phone? You've got to be kidding me! Google can't even stop this, thought to be Ain't about Sheet Corp when it comes to Mapping systems for vehicles. Rimm out of nowhere just goes Straight Down the Drain, so these Great Corps are doing everything they can think of to stop the bleeding Nokia and Microsoft has caused them!!

      Remember the comments from some of our finest posters, that Nokia Haters are doing Everything Possible to keep this Stock down? So possibly that is still the case, or the fact Nokia is still in the 1st inning of turning into a profitable Business? TO top things off Nokia comes out with a comment, Their new Product Line in the Near Future will Be Called Smart Machines, not Smart Phones anymore. These corps above are now Craping in there Pants Big Time as Nokia continues to Seperate themselves from the Pack.

      This would be a Tremendous shock to the system if one of these Corps were Mine, or if I was a major Share Holder of King of Tech, Apple. Frigging Windows on a Smart Machine that runs Microsoft Office, so When I'm at the Beach today Taking a break, I can use my Soon to be Smart Machine to get some very importnat work done which I can transfer later, after dinner over to my Business Windows 8 Computer!!! What is this Has Been Corp going to come up Next?? Ok that's enough for Now.

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      • Smart girl! I just bought a lumia 620 and I can say the phone is amazing. Now, I know what all the 620 commotion is all about. The 620 is truly a dark horse! Eflop gave an interview recently and mentioned the 620 (hint) briefly. Then at the WMC, he refreshed the other models like the 520 and 720. Another hint! The 620 is doing so well; nok can't keep up with order. It seemed. he is trying to make the 520 & 720 follow the 620's route. Nok share price might be down, but the 620 tells me there is nothing to worry about. Other than the name 620, that phone looks nice. Now, i feel like everyone is over paying for their phone.

      • Thank you gonggirl..i needed that.. Reinstore my confidence, cuz I know nok has it goin on...a. Reasonable .xxox

    • bemos Mar 1, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

      Just drink a gallon of Nyquil....and when you wake I'll be like 8 dollars

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