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  • jonesdrifter jonesdrifter Mar 2, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Nokia Amazon sales


    Is anyone concerned that Nokia stands #37 on best sellers list at Amazon with stock available? They are preceded by such well known titans as the Pantech Renue phone and the Samsung Gusto flip phone.

    I am long Nokia and have a greater % of my portfolio than I have in any previous stock. I try to do my own DD and have weathered the last few weeks well. But with the recent article revealing the lake of marketing and stock in Shanghai in addition to pointing out that the subsidy for the 920T isn't exactly what we have all been thinking on this board, my confidence is slipping.

    I do have funds available for the cost of a shrink if I cannot talk myself down but am I alone in that I am getting a little anxious and just maybe Elop's guidance from the CC was spot on and we could be looking at a negative Q1?

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    • That does not mean much. Understand that people shop on line because of convenience but when you can purchase the Lumia 920 at AT&T for much cheaper well convenience is not as important as price. So I'm not to concerned about that #37. But if you noticed Lumia 920 ranks #1 as far as top rated and its held that position since it was released. IMO thats very important because it speaks volume about quality and that will keep all carriers very interstested

    • Ranking changes all the time. If you look at time I posted this, cyan 920 is number 20 on amazon across all carrier. 5th for at&t.

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    • Where does it place on Amazon China?

    • jtwerl Mar 2, 2013 10:50 PM Flag

      Excellent info. I long on NOK for the long term.

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    • leestoller Mar 2, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

      I'm with you, I'll buy more !!

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    • NOK has a big opportunity, but they are not executing well at all. The US market is in fact critical because the US has the most possible market for the high end 920 phone, which has the best margins. They can't succeed just selling the low margin phones. They need a mix.

      I see that NOK is doing almost no marketing at all in the US. That is a mistake.

      And sadly, I was in best buy where they had a big Windows 8 display that showed off a Win8 Laptop by Asus, the Win8 Surface Tablet, and the WP8 phone by HTC... Nokia was nowhere in sight.

      That said, the best chance of success for Nokia in the US imo is to have Microsoft work to address the business consumer. Windows has massive share of the business pc market and if they could tie the phone into that users' needs they'd have a big successful differentiator. Same way that Blackberry did originally.

      personally i don't see the 920 taking off here at all. And the first 90 days are the best marketing opportunity where most sales take place.

      I guess they are betting the farm on the low end emerging market consumer. The good news there is the price points are competitive.

      Overall still a positive turnaround story, but lot of missed opportunity.

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      • What NOK needs to do is participate with the carriers in the carrier other words, have some say on its execution. For example, "Will Arnett? Who's that?...uh, let's try something else..."

      • Must disagree with your post. The US is gravy for Nokia. The international market is where it is strongest and should distribute its ad spend. In the US, Nokia lets the carriers do the marketing (Verizon, ATT, etc.). the US consumer is for the most part wedded to the iphone, and the market is saturated overall. As Windows 8 gains acceptance, Windows Phone will gain acceptance, and so will the Nokia Lumia. Marketing is CRAZY EXPENSIVE. If not done properly or correctly, comes directly off the bottom line. NOK can't afford to waste marketing money in a difficult to market, expensive market. Lumia adoption will need to occur as a result of carrier marketing, Windows adoption, and word of mouth in the U.S. You have to pick and fight your marketing battles, including WHERE. Any which way HERE will be EVERYWHERE.

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    • North America has never been a priority market for Nokia. It's the #1 smartphone market in the world but Nokia's strength has always been Europe. In the 90's Nokia made a push into North America but quickly abandoned it. Support for North American model was pitiful. I was one of the people who suffered with NAM versions of the N95. European customers got 2 and 3 firmware updates while we NAM customers got none. It didn't take long for Nokia to pull the plug on North America completely, closing their flagship Nokia stores and leaving NAM customers high and dry with firmware updates. The real kicker was that when my N95 finally did get a firmware update it actually broke more than it fixed!

    • Not really. You've got to think long term here. Past 1Q earnings. Think CHINA, think INDIA, think INDONESIA, think MEXICO, think BRAZIL, think KENYA, think NIGERIA, think PAKISTAN, think ITALY, think FINLAND, think GREAT BRITAIN, think CANADA, think think think. NOK is the KING OF MOBILITY regardless of Samsung's more recent Android success which is also its greatest weakness. ANDROID IS INFERIOR TO WINDOWS 8. I am positive having used Windows 7.5 since last February that the user/consumer experience provided by Windows Phone 8 far surpasses that of iOS and ANDROID. I tested all three when purchasing and do the same from time to time at the carrier stores. Windows 8 is the best. Adoption doesn't happen overnight. It took 3-4 years for NOK to be dethroned, it will take that many to get back to the TOP. The turnaround is in place as of end of 2012. The Windows ecosystem is the dominant ecosystem throughout the computing world. It is too expensive and difficult because of habits/training to change that. Windows 8 will over time replace Windows 7, and the phone ecosystem will grow accordingly. Watching the stock price is a miserable practice that all of us short-term thinking shareholders need to stop engaging in. Recent stock movement is I believe a concerted effort to push shares out of retail hands into institutional hands at very low prices. The window to do this started at 4Q report and ends before 1Q report. Those who hold IMO will reap the rewards. I, for one, will try to take advantage of any lower stock prices by increasing share count. If you believe in this turnaround, think about lower share prices as an opportunity. Get cash by trading other stocks. DO NOT buy NOK on excessive margin--that will increase your chance of being taken out. All IMHO.

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      • Congratulation rrryahoo! Evidently the recommended therapy helped (lol). You are a changed man and I'm proud of you. More than that, now one can say that I almost fully agree with your assessment of Win8, Nokia future and WS manipulations to grab shares from retail investors as cheap as possible. OK, in this case it was not about "masturbating" it was surly all about "master - biting" all Nokia enemies and bashers. Apologies for my faux pas. :)

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