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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Mar 4, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    -- Called it...

    I called it the day they only announced pitiful low phones and no tablet and no new flagships that we'd get a sell off and go below $3.50.

    What's shocking to me is how many longs actually thought we'd rally after that sad showing. Come on, why lie to ourselves, it's not gonna make the stock to any higher, walstreet looks at facts and then of course shorts are helping drive this down but a lack of high end phones for H2 and a no tablet it was obvious to me we were gonna sell off.

    Now for more reality. Nokia definitely has a tablet ready to go but they're most likely being held back by Softy as those losers still hope to get the surface off the ground and they don't want any windows tablets interfering. So Nokia will not release any tablet since Softy will not give them windows to release it with.

    Nokia definitely has at least 2 more high end smartphones ready to go and are just waiting for the best time to release and they won't announce them until they're within 30 days of launch which means April at the latest.

    Nokia needs a much better flagship phone given the new phones coming out are gonna dwarf the 920 in specs and yes, people spending over $700 on a phone actually really do look at hardware specs. They need at least a quad core and to stand out they desperately need something like a 20 megapixel camera and a few little things like solar charging and water proof. I think they'll have these advantages in the next phones. Ad I think they'll launch them by April or at the latest May.

    Now if they have such awesome phones why not announce them at the biggest show in the world? Cause its imperative that the 920 keeps selling well and at high margins. If they announced a new flagships, 920 sales would nosedive overnight and the selling price would get cut in half. So they'll get another month (hopefully) of strong 920 sales after which point 920 sales would slump anyway due to much better phones like the ONE and the S4.

    They will announce April.

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    • you are a bore so I ignore

    • I hate to keep doing this but yesterday I said we'd be up a dime on the recent leaks.

      Unfortunately unless we get some news with meat on it they'll drive it back to under $3.50 for Friday's risk free arbitrage.

      That said, I had some cash today and Yike! I decided to buy some apple OTM calls at $2.59 instead of more nokia calls. My reason is that I think apple will surprise big with a new iPhone release in the next 30 days or so and maybe a huge $40+ Billion dividend and their pps can spike $100 on something like that in a matter of a few days and if nokia doesn't get any news before April (I expect another good quarter per-announcement in early April) then the idea is to make a quick (God willing) triple in apple options and then invest that in nokia calls.

      There's just way too many shorts and lack of news for the pps to go anywhere unless we get some really great news. And I don't see that happening until early April. But if sales are as good as I suspect I'd expect a pop above $5 in early April.

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    • I love it, I just saw that Nokia will release 2 new flagships in time for summer. Very nice and very much as expected. Now for that tablet.

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    • Nokia has a full line up of phones at various price points. In theory they don't interfere with each other. A new flagship should not hurt the 920 just like the 920 does not hurt the 820. Nokia may have waited with the new phones until Apple and Samsung unveil theirs, (at the moment the 920 is a good unswer to what is out there) or Nokia is stil experiencing a component shortage at the high end. More high end devices phone/tablets could experience the same component deficiency. Maybe it is better to wait for the leaders to announce first and show that you have an answer, ride the hype created. Who the heck knows?

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      • 1 Reply to hayarkon52
      • You can't be serious. A new flagship isn't gonna hurt 920 sales? Come on, seriously?

        Let me spell it out. When they release the lumia 1000 a quad core, maybe 40 megapixel phone which will be lighter and sleeker and more beautiful than the clunky plastic 920 which would you buy: the 1000 for $750 or the 920 for $750? Ahhahaaaa. 920 sales will be decimated overnight. I honestly can't believe this has to be spelled out.

        But good news, elop had it in his heart to do a leak maybe to stop the slide. But it was obvious they would have 2 more flagships by summer. Too bad walstreet can't see it or they're using it as an excuse to drive nokia lower.

        And for the the idc study that came out. Big deal. Nokia will see sharp smartphone sales growth. First off, they're at the bottom so any growth will be sharp. Second, they own emerging markets which will see a mass migration to 3G and 4G smartphones so nokia will see tremendous growth while Samsung and apple will fight for the leftovers saturated markets for the crumbs.

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    • Yes a few big funds are dropping the PPS. Its the manipulation that they are creating to move the stock in their favor while they can. Nokia has to prove with better numbers yet again. It appears that Nokia will. But in the meantime there are no hard sales numbers out there and there is money to be made by this negative move.

      Nokia is executing their game plan very well. Their portfolio is the best out there. It's a matter of pennies now when the stock gets too cheap. This will be the point you cannot bet against Nokia. Is 8-$10 possibly by the end of the year? Very much so. Nokia doesn't need to be Apple or Samsung. Nokia has just as much, if not more innovation. So nokia just has to be the stock that proves itself a bit at a time and it will see double digit PPS within time.

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    • vlad. you suck dude

    • Some times it seems so useless to remain,
      cuz ya never even call me by my name..

    • Wow, what a great week last week. Had a week of skiing with perfect weather out west. I kept minimally updated other than seeing what was up with the MWC through the wpcentral app on my 920 as well as the other usual sites through the browser on my 920.

      I honestly didn't know what to expect out of the MWC. Actually, that's not true, I wasn't expecting any blockbuster announcements, but I was expecting maybe a bit more of a tease. Either way, I'm not disappointed with the MWC , Nokia, or MS. All other indications point to things moving on track.

      Elop, in that interview with that puts Vlad from the Verge, said to keep an eye on things that more exciting hardware was due to release this year. As far as a hardware release goes, they are playing it just right. Don't show your cards at the MWC, because they would be forgotten by time new Apple and Samsung hardware is announce/released.

      I think we'll start hearing more and more rumours, leaks, etc through the next months about what is in the works from both Nokia and MS. Rumour is that "Blue" is behind schedule, but I'm not buying it. I think it is right on schedule and the next holiday season will be pretty awesome. I disagree with you vlad in that I don't think MS is holding anything back for marketing purposes.

      I also disagree that Nokia will launch any new flagship phones by April or May. Earliest September, but more than likely Oct/November along with the tablet. Popularity of any new Apple or Samsung release will ultimately dictate rumour/leak/hype schedule.

      Elop also said that they still can't keep up with demand of the 920. No sense in releasing any other flagship phone if your current one is doing well.

      The share price is only frustrating to those who are looking for a quick profit or to those that are kicking themselves for not trading. I wish I had traded more, but it is what it is. I do have some more new funds though.

      I actually think this is going to be a good quarter and look for a credit upgrade

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    • honestly they shouldn't even waste time selling into the US market if they are not going to advertise the damn thing. Their marketing here is a complete joke. who would buy a goofy looking yellow phone with no information whatsoever on what might differentiate it?

      They don't need a tablet, they need to explain what differentiates their products here!

      walk into Best Buy, ATT, not one Nokia related advertisement. Best Buy doesn't even have a working model phone on display. they have Samsung, Iphone, LG, HTC working models on the floor. But no Lumia. How would someone buy one? they'd have to get past all the advertising for all other phones and look at a cheap plastic replica and somehow decide that was the phone for them.

      That means the only buyers are going to be the diehard nokia fans that already have a windows phone.

      Terrible execution. Just terrible.

    • thermonuke Mar 4, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

      I believe Nokia won Best in Show.

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