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  • vilivonvuu vilivonvuu Mar 6, 2013 5:35 AM Flag

    2Million Lumia 920T SOLD in CHINA

    F yeah

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    • corneliusflake Mar 6, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

      g, uh no ...

      From a source at Nokia China who was there:

      “We had an internal celebration some time back. An employee took some snapshots and uploaded to Sina Weibo. The pictures were deleted quite soon though. These pictures are genuine, however the '2M' live tile doesn't stand for '2 million'. I can't tell you what it stands for however."

      Indeed, as far as we know Nokia is categorically denying that they sold 2 million Lumia phones (or 920Ts) in China. There is no doubt that such an accomplishment would have been massive news for the company but like all things, these photos and the resulting story, are not reflective of what actually occurred to our knowledge."

      check wpcentral

    • Kulingana na Nokia sherehe kwamba Activation ya 2,000,000 ya Nokia za Lumia nchini China kati ya Desemba 5 na Machi 5. Sisi hapo awali aliposikia ya kwamba 920 Lumia alikuwa upatikanaji maskini nchini China ili kuuza idadi inaweza kuwa hata zaidi. WMPU taarifa kuwa ndogo maadhimisho ya ndani iliongozwa na Gustavo Eichelmann, wa Nokia wa kimataifa wa makamu wa rais na mkuu wa Nokia China, pamoja na picha za tukio hapo juu. Ilikuwa pia umebaini kuwa toleo Kichina ya Lumia Nokia 520 na 720 lazima hit rafu ndani ya wiki chache zijazo. Baada ya vifaa hivi wote inapatikana katika soko husaidia Nokia kuongeza mauzo idadi kwa Q1 2013.

    • Contact person: Gustavo Eichelmann

      If you thought this is bs

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    • Google: "Nokian johto juhlii Kiinassa Lumia 920:n menestystä"

      Finnish media article

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    • According to Nokia celebrated that activation of 2 million of the Nokia Lumia phones in china between December 5th and March 5th. We previously heard that the Lumia 920 had poor availability in China so sale numbers could have been even better. WMPU reports that the small internal celebration was led by Gustavo Eichelmann, Nokia’s global vice president and head of Nokia China, with pictures of the event above. It was also revealed that the Chinese version of the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 should hit shelves within the next few weeks. Having all these devices available in the market helps Nokia to increase sales number for the Q1 2013.

    • Kiinalaissivuston mukaan Nokia on rikkonut Kiinassa kahden miljoonan myydyn Lumia 920T -puhelimen rajan. Rajapyykki saavutettiin viime vuoden joulukuun 5 päivän ja kuluvan vuoden maaliskuun 5 päivän välillä.

      Todistusaineistona WinPcn on julkaissut kuvia juhlatilaisuudesta, jossa Nokia-johto juhlistaa saavutusta. Paikalla on ainakin Nokian Kiinan toiminnoista vastaava johtaja Gustavo Eichelmann.

    • It included all Wp8 lumia models. Sorry.

      Nokia market
      China 10-20%

      So 1,5M activated wp8 for Q1 * 100/15= 10M activated WP8 in whole world now.

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    • wmpoweruser has the details. They're celebrating with a cake with "2M" on it. The article also states it's the 920T that they only sold 2 million of.

    • If really true then these are great numbers - And almost full month (march) ahead.
      ps. what was Bloomberg saying? 90k L920?:)

    • Someone figure this out. Between what time periods, and is it for all Lumias or just 920T?

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