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  • back_to_reaiity back_to_reaiity Mar 9, 2013 3:46 AM Flag


    People sure like to talk doom and gloom for Nokia when it comes to choosing WP

    My opinion on why Nokia hasn't gone with Android might be that google maps is the competition. Think how lame it would be owning a $8.1 billion Navigation/ mapping company yet having to support the competition, making your company more of a underdog.

    Elop has shown interest in HTML5 stating Nokia is looking very closely at it. I think the announcement that firefox OS will be using Nokia mapping is a sign Nokia will most likely support the platform if it shows signs of life. i'm sure Nokia will jump on the chance of a open source OS as long as it has enough backing and a good chance of market share growth.

    More food for thought is Sailfish Jolla's OS was developed on the N9 and is already compatible with Nokia's Meego phones, also Android apps are said to be compatible

    I think WP was the only option for Nokia at this time, WP has the best chance to compete , along with M$ deep pockets has helped nokia turn the ship around. I also feel over time WP8 has a future to take on IOS & Android head on..

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    • Everything is in place for the ascension of WP8. BlackBerry is failing and nobody is in a better position to take those customers then WP. Nokia is clearly the class of the WP8 phones. More models, better quality, and the sexiest designs in the industry. What's needed now is for Microsoft to step up with advertising and other campaigns to raise public awareness. Most of Microsoft's energy has been spent on Windows 8 (failing miserably - compared to Windows Vista - Ouch!!) and WinRT/Pro (also failing miserably). WP8 is already compatible with Windows 7 on the desktop. Time for Microsoft to abandon this losing idea of tying the desktop Windows 8 into the tablet os and mobile os. WP8 can stand on it's own and it already integrates with the far superior Windows 7.

      In addition to Sailfish OS, Tizen Linux how has a mobile os version. You may recall that MeeGo was folded into the Tizen project when they failed to secure a phone beyond the Nokia N9. Some of the MeeGo folks went off and founded Jolla, but the majority of the assets (meager as they were) went to Tizen Linux. Nokia should keep a few side projects like a Sailfish phone or a Tizen phone on the back burner. I'm sure the deal with Microsoft precludes Nokia from using anything but WP on their flagship devices but they can certainly maintain any research/development projects they choose.


    • iphone,ipad,Macbook & GS3,Galaxy Tab, Chromebook ,These are ecosystems that are eating away the PC market

      Windows being on some 90% PC's it seems ludicrous the media sees the Windows Ecosystem as Leprosy, Microsoft also has 30mill subscribers Using XBOX live . Does Microsoft have a chance offering the same engine on all platforms? Do they have enough users to make this work? PC's, Laptops, Servers ,Surface Pro , Surface RT, Windows Phone 8, XBOX.

      I like Elop talking about Windows Phone, 8 he said it can be the biggest operating system in the world’ because in reality Windows does have the most users on this planet, its also proven people do buy into the whole ecosystem deal. million Pa

      My opinion is Q4 With apps and games growth, and Microsoft s continuing marketing,as well as the release of the xbox 720 , along with the Windows Blue update. Microsoft will win out the 2013 holiday. Elop dependent on word of mouth and subsidize advertisement will win out with the best bang for the buck, a aluminum lightweight phone as well as unheard 41 megapixel camera and a software suite not even Microsoft could match.

      I'm not saying we wont see good ecosystem growth un till Q4. What i'm saying is Nokia might be a contender during Q4. Elop believes its coming and I'm sure Microsoft believes its coming.

      Another though, is who benefits from windows success ? Its not Nokia & MS vs the world as the hipsters and haters have you to believe. Common Sense says HP, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, Acer, TOSHIBA, Samsung, Sony, NVIDIA, ATI, AMD, INTEL, Micron, Corsair all Hardware &, Software vendors all profit from Windows growth,

      The Industry needs Windows to succeed for growth, this is MS Plan to make the declining PC market Adapt by bringing a complete ecosystem to the table.

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      • Hey, the w8 phones have been out in low 5 months now. All those names you say are eating up the market place WERE EATING UP THE MARKET PLACE. APPLE is in free fall and fell out of favor the same month w8 was launched. Google sales people have proven to me that their revenue is going down. They never called large businesses since 2001 (NOT 1 SINGLE CALL). All of a sudden it is relentless calls, mail docs & emails. I said I do not even think you work for Google. She said she understands and that is a problem and then proved it to me. I still will not talk to her but did place some ads from a link she sent. So if they were making money buy the buckets full before and now they have aggressive sales people, that tells me their is a decline in revenue at google.

    • Microsoft is supporting Html5 also. It is mostly a combination of Java & html. It has been a complete disaster so far for everyone (not specifically Microsoft). Facebook changed everything to HTML5 and it was such a disaster that they dropped it and went back and then forward. The html 5 firefox is not even on the scale of being a threat to Windows phone. It is about -30 on a scale of 1-100. The Windows 8 operating system does not really have a competitor. It needs time and salesman to inform the public. Bill Gates Chairman of MSFT is getting the phone in the eyes of important decision makers in US & Worldwide. He is doing this by being led around by his wife on her mission and carrying his Surface tablet and Windows phone. He breaks these devices out in meeting with some of these developing countries, where no sales person could even get to. They got the Samsung w8 phone away from him in my opinion. You have to wonder where a lot of these high flyers like the Prince came from. The Prince investor has similar investment as Mark Cuban. Cuban shows off and brags about the 920. Luckily Elop was the head of Windows Office. Haters can hate him. The last 3 years were the worst ever for any business (global recession). They would have gone under without MSFT. So surving at all makes Elop good. You can't expect miracles or growth in a world wide recession/depression. Even if MSFT makes a phone (already made at foxconn) in my opinion, the ex Microsoft guy can keep Nok in with MSFT. MSFT may have helped to get 920's made at Foxconn in China and saved the shortage from being a disaster in my opinion. Not saying there were no shortages and that only helped China in my opinion. W8 is not going away. It is very good. I am loving it. Not sure why everyone does not.

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      • I agree WP8 is a contender and was Nokia's only option, just wish people would understand Nokia backed MS because it was in Nokia's best interest not to go with android. Elop is open to Other OS's but haters continue to think Nokia has no other future options and if WP8 fails Nokia is done.. Well for one Nokia is going to continue to release its WP lineup that competes below the $200 price point. along with growing market share i figure Q2 when all WP have had a full 3 months to sell we will have a clear outlook how well WP8 actually is. HTML5 will be low end and if its optimized for low spec phones Nokia will take over.

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