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  • roosterly9 roosterly9 Mar 22, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    Elop got to go

    I was looking at Elop's background, this man has been a failure all throught his career, either running companies to the groun ( Boston Chicken ), or getting fired after one year at the job, what in the world the incompetent board of directors were thinking hiring him to run Nokia. What they should do and do it quickly fire this guy and hire someone with better judgement. After all the speculation about what the new product was going to be at european show, there was nothing, are kidding? nothing?

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    • ELOP is not going anywhere, but will stay at NOKIA.

    • I personally think Elop did a great job and made a commendable decision by going WP. Nokia was on a burning platform 2 years ago.(no kidding !). Look what Nokia today. It got a new series of new smartphone on an arguable 3rd platform and it turn a profit at last qtr. For a sinking ship like Nokia , that is a remarkable performance.

      Granted, the turnaround story is just started and there is a long and winding road and many challenges ahead but I will say that we got a fight chance. As an investor, not a trader, you got to be patient in this situation because there gonna be a lot of noise around. Patient in holding the shares and patient in accumulating the shares, Don't rush and buy a bunch and can't hold it and let shorts flush you out.

      I think NOK at 3 ish is a great value, maybe better than Dell at 9. There a lot of upside potential here and downside is limited. IMHO.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • are kidding, stock was at teen when he took over despite the symbian, he openned his fat mouth and alienated developers by saying that he was going to abandone while he is still selling it, he went with a platform that people just don't want, and he has to pay Billions for using it, he cut the legs off of his manufacturing capacity and couldn't deliver Lumias when there was demand. He has been from job to job and has not been able to hold on to one for more than a year, but often less than a year. Any manager including myself would not hire anyone with his resume.

    • You'd better start doing a better job or you'll get fired. That was pathetic.

    • BOD can not fire Eflop. Because then they would admit, to be fools, hiring him in the first place.

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