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  • thearizonacardinals thearizonacardinals Mar 23, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    I want to ask the million dollar question, may I get an answer?

    With all these great features 920 has, why hasn't there been an ad on TELEVISION promoting/showing off all it's innovative features? All I've been seeing are those Jessica Alba commercials of her promoting "kiddy corner".

    If anyone has time, why the heck wouldn't people flock to Nokia after BBRY stock with down the toilet? We should've been up more than 3% today.

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    • Maybe they've figured out that television advertisement isn't what it used to be. I never watch live TV. I've got a pc setup as a home theatre and I either record and watch or pause and watch. The only time I watch commercials is the Super Bowl. I know I'm not the only one cutting the cable/satellite and watching via Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I'd rather see the money spent on product development and later dividends. I don't want to see the major networks getting my dividend. There will be a tipping point reached and when it is, I am hoping Nokia has their production issues ironed out. It's just a matter of time. I've got plenty of patience.

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    • Great discussion! I'm thinking their ad money is better spent elsewhere right now..Given that it may be limited like the phones..I see Samsung spent $400 million on ads. I'm hoping for the phones to speak for themselves in the U.S. as folks identify them as the best..I've only seen one ad on tv here in Oregon and it was so brief as to be pathetic..

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    • Lot of adds here in ny they working on China big time

    • If your watching NCAA basketball you've probably seen the new Lumia 920 commercial. It shows how much better Nokia is over Samsung.

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    • You hit it on the nail. They never have an add that shows why the phone is better! In winter they could have had an add with someone wearing gloves using the phone. But only ridiculous ads when they have one.

    • I will venture a guess - they don't advertise because they're already selling all the 920's they can make. Keep in mind Nokia sells the 920's globally, not only in the US, and it is possible there are lingering supply issues (Snapdragons?) and/or simple production line/machine speed constraints.

      The market for the 920's is much different from iPhones - iPhones sell primarily in the US, a phone with relatively small upgrades over the years to the production and supply chain are well established. No so with the 920. Plus, Nokia will be producing new models in short order, so Nokia doesn't want production of one model to consume all of Nokia's resources and attention.

      Again, a very different approach than the iPhone. The iPhone production/margin model made Apple a ton of money in the past few years, but the market is changing, and I think that model has reached its' peak.

      Nokia makes phones at ALL price points, and sells them GLOBALLY - very different than the iPhone model. A few months from now, as Nokia's phone line-up hits the market in large numbers , would you rather be Apple or Nokia?

      Don't worry about the lack of advertising in the US for the 920 - look at the overall strategy and capability, and then do the math....

    • I agree. When I mention wireless charging to my friends and colleagues, they're really surprised - they think it's like science fiction. I know that this available with some other phones but that doesn't matter, it is still pretty unique. It's the same with the cityview program - I show people the locations of restaurants all around the area using the camera view by pointing the phone horizontally at the walls, and then lower the phone so that it's pointing at the ground and the background changes from the camera view to a map. Brilliant! Everyone says, 'Wow". And then at home I put on the free Zumba exercise mix on the bluetooth speaker while I did some exercise, my kids all floated in and listened to this great music! If you haven't tried the Zumba mix, get it on! It is tremendous and already available on Nokia Music on your Lumia phone. And then there Drive, translate, the awsome strength of these phones, the screens, the BRILLIANT operating system, etc. etc.

      I think you are right - they just need to tell people. I don't know if there is some alternative strategy or if demand is exceeding supply and they are just waiting for production to come on line before unleashing the ads, but it sure is puzzling and a glaring omission at the moment as far as I can see.Let's see what they say on this at the end of the quarter, not long to go now.

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