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  • nokboard nokboard Mar 29, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Windows 8 Windows 8 One Time


    Has anyone downloaded or purchased Windows 8 for desktop? I am really appreciating the tiles concept on Nokia Windows 8 smartphone. Just to be honest, the icons on my Windows 7 desktop are beginning to bore me. I am thinking of getting desktop 8 soon. It just appears that both desktop and mobile 8 will intertwine for a better all around user experience with less glitches. It is apparent that for Windows 8 mobile to ultimately succeed into number 3 or 2 smartphone position, it is paramount that Microsoft also gains distinct advantage outdistancing Apple and Samsung rapidly by promoting exclusive simplicity of simultaneously functioning flawlessly between desktop and mobile 8. Is it becoming knowledge by anyone with Windows desktop 8 that progress incorporating desktop and mobile 8 should be the tie in for the best overall user experience?

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    • I've had a win8 desktop since January. The computer screams ... really fast. I don't have a touchscreen, but in a short while, I was able to zip around win8 with a mouse just as fast as I could do it on anything. It's slick. I also have a touchpad for it, but just find the mouse very easy.

      When I first got it, I was unsure how to navigate, but in a short time it became second nature. I'd probably have trouble going back. Get everything loaded and transferred, and give it a week or so. I love it ... really don't understand the negative press about it ... it's slick.

      When Haswell comes out ... I'm getting a win8 laptop and then go to a tablet (might wait on LTE from Intel for the tablet.) I think the slow uptake with all this is that INTC just wasn't ready ... but they are coming on strong.

    • I use Windows 8 on my laptop. I like it. Took some time to get used to. I do not have a touch screen.

    • I ran Windows 8 on a ThinkPad for over a month and HATED it. I wiped and went back to Windows 7 (pretty darn good, and I'm generally a Mac user!). Windows 8 is a much better fit on a phone or on a tablet, but it's a disaster on a desktop. 

    • Definetly....WP8 will promote laptop and desktop sales and visa versa MSFT will/should be promoting WP8 more aggressively as we move forward.....starting in April with Verizon. You are not alone in wanting to have your devices in sync.....if I had more $ to invest MSFT would certainly get some of it. It appears that they should do well over the next 3-5 yrs.

    • It's all M$ products.

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