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  • nicoboy2012 nicoboy2012 Apr 3, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    I suspect Short Covering will commence as of today


    It will take a few days to unwind these positions, don't think anyone wants to wait the last minute.

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    • Shorts didn't cover going into the last earnings release, and shorts have done pretty good so far by waiting. Recall that at the previous earnings release Elop warned of NEGATIVE margins for this quarter. I expect it to be a real stinker. Short covering would surprise me. 

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      • By stinker I presume you mean within guidance? If they land within guidance the dynamics of this quarter are still substantially different from last quarter. There is no dividend cut to absorb for one thing, but more importantly, guidance is going to be VERY different from last quarter. On the other hand it's likely the quarter is either on the very high end of guidance or better. In that case the risk for shorts is really extreme relative to the reward. I would much rather be on the long side now than the short side. There is substantial and compelling evidence NOK has been successful in both their restructuring and the Lumia line.

        I don't care when they cover, but cover they must at some point.fairly soon.

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      • Nokia is currently priced assuming it will report negative margins otherwise we would have been over 4.shorts day of glory is over.

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      • thermonuke Apr 3, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

        Devices aside, I wouldn't want to have an open short while a deal regarding a business segment valued at $8-$12B ($2-$3/sh) is very possibly on the table any day.

        Not saying Nico is right and that NOK is entering a new trading cycle, but the potential to close out a short is higher today than it was yesterday or before.

      • lol...with the poor quality of DD you do it is now wonder you're about to be steamrolled!!

        first thing son, ALL the mobile phone manufacturers stated that the SEASONALLY slower 1st Q would COULD be disappointing...but hey, why bother with the facts right son?

        second, Nokia has been rapidly climbing the market share charts and has now overcome BBRY as the number 3 MS leader worldwide...combine that with numerous sector analysts and firms stating the Lumis as a best seller and consumer preferred smartphone and it's why they are increasing market share as fast as they are...but hey, why research when you can just bs, right boy?

        third...NSN ...forth HERE mapping...fifth...royalties....and on and on...but why bother facts....keep posting your low IQ non-sense son...we believe ya!! wink...yeah sure!!!

        long and calm....

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