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  • calbucks09 calbucks09 Apr 9, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    MKM partners survey 1% of survey intend to buy a Nokia phone in USA

    MKM Partners’s Michael Genovese today reiterates Sell ratings on shares of BlackBerry (BBRY) and Nokia (NOK), writing that a survey commissioned by MKM suggested the companies are struggling to “renew relevance in the U.S. smartphone market” for their respective operating systems, BB10, and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Phone.

    Genovese has a $10 price target on BlackBerry shares, a $3 price target on Nokia shares. BlackBerry shares today rose 18 cents, or 1.2%, to $14.85. Nokia shares rose 8 cents, or 2.4%, to $3.37.

    The study, conducted in the last three weeks, across a sample of 1,500 U.S. consumers, asked questions broadly about ownership of smartphones and purchasing intentions.

    The mix of respondents who own a smartphone was 33% Apple (AAPL) customers, 28.3% Samsung Electronics (005930KS) customers, 9.9% LG customers, 9.3% HTC (2498TW) customers, and 9.3% Motorola customers. “Other miscellaneous brands” was next in line, with 4.4%, and BlackBerry users came in at 3.4% of the total, with Nokia users at 1.6% of the total.

    Regarding purchase intentions, 44.5% of respondents said they were “not sure” what next brand of phone they would buy; 19.6% said a Samsung phone; 17.7% said an Apple phone; 5.9% said a BlackBerry; 4.4% said a Motorola device, 3.7% said an HTC device; 3.1% said an LG device; and 0.7% said a Nokia device.

    ouch!... guess the US market is going to need alot more MARKETING

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    • MKM Partners are not a legitimate company imo. They are not all that reputable I would short MKM as they are going downhill. They are similar to S.A. and motly Fool

    • I'm not surprised! most people in the U.S. have never heard of Nokia! So, whats the beef?

    • Really. A firm that is short nok and bbry has a negative outlook.

    • Wow, that's a painful one.

      One thing I can say is that the US market is not a nokia market. Remember nokia was number 1 in the world for all cellphones as well as for smartphones and during their reign they were actually selling even less phones in the US.

      That said, nokia seems to have a great lineup and the carriers here seem eager to push the 3rd Eco system so the way I see it is, if nokia was number 1 with near zero push in the US anything they get in the US (which should be much more than they ever had) will just be the icing in the cake.

      We have to look at china where they're the number 2 cellphone brand and India where they're number 1, and the largest country in Europe Union with 80 million savvy consumers (Germany) where nokia is outselling pretty much everyone but maybe the iPhone and also numerous other European countries where nokia is coveted.

      Nokia only needs a real flagship to be able to compete at the highly profitable a flagship high end, cause the 920 is now obsolete and the 928 will be pretty Much DOA, although I expect Verizon to do a decent Job pushing that out the door.

      If Eflop gets a better spec flagship out in the next 60 days it won't be too late for nokia to really grab market share from Samsung - nokia has the entire line perfected and ready to go and launching globally - all that is missing now is a competent flagship so the picture isn't nearly as bleak as this study suggests.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to vlad2vlad
      • yes I agree.

        as for US market they are so far behind in terms of lag time its not likely they will suddenly come up with a flagship.

        what would sell in USA? I'll tell ya...
        4.5" and 5" 1080p display, with Wp8 that has integrated real time sync with any windows pc or tablet, comes with app for automatic one touch conversion of all Apple and Android files and formats and app portage.

        in addition Microsoft discount of 15% off a Lumia with any purchase of a new win8 laptop or tablet.

        they do that and I'll show you immediate 10% share in US

    • MKM Partners??? who the F are they. You might as well say calbucko9 stopped sucking D's for 10 minutes and reiterated a sell rating and then went back to sucking D's.

    • With respect to BlackBerry and Windows Phone, respondents were asked “Are you aware that BlackBerry 10 was launched in Canada and Europe in late January 2013?” and “Are you aware that phones running Windows Phone 8 are now available for purchase?”

      In the case of BlackBerry, 82.6% said “No,” while in the case of Windows Phone, 60.5% said “No.”

      When respondents were asked “Are you interested in, or at all curious about” either of the phone families, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, the respondents said “No” 68% of the time for BlackBerry, and 63.9% for Windows Phone.

      Genovese expects Samsung and Apple to “remain extremely popular” in the U.S., and thinks the apparent lack of interest is not a good sign for Nokia and BlackBerry:

      We were surprised that only 13% expect the BB10 to be available in the U.S. immediately or within the next 30 days. In fact the survey was administered between March 7th and April 2nd, 2013, which bracketed AT&T’s (March 22nd), T-Mobile’s (March 26th) and Verizon’s (March 28th) Z10 U.S. launches by about two weeks. The ineffectiveness of BlackBerry’s marketing plan is highlighted by the 63% of respondents who were completely unsure as to when the BB10 would be released in the U.S. [...] While the WP8 OS is gaining in popularity, a disturbing number of respondents (50%) who were aware that WP8 handsets were available for purchase couldn’t associate a handset brand to the OS. In particular Nokia is lost in the shuffle, despite its early standing as a Microsoft partner. Only 19% of respondents are aware that Nokia has a Windows 8 phone, trailing Samsung at 26% and HTC at 21%.

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