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  • dariencat8 dariencat8 Apr 12, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    thermonuke is just a nut case!

    On ignore now.

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    • Actually, thermonuke often has useful contributions about Nokia.

      The off-topic item on Syria is not so useful. My comment on that - yes, some nasty people will likely get some small arms they wouldn't otherwise have from US/Western involvement in Syria, but we're talking small arms - weapons any wacko with cash can now (regrettably) buy in any gun store in the US. The US/Western agencies WILL NOT provide to ANYONE in Syria is explosives, anti-aircraft, or armor piercing weapons.

      The opposition will get radios and other communications equipment, and small arms/ammo, and training in tactics, and intelligence info. In return, we get influence, and our agents/operatives infiltrated into key positions in the opposition. Within the opposition, we know who the bad guys are, where they are, what they're doing and planning on doing. When Assad is out and the opposition takes over, the opposition will spend some time sorting out who is who, who gets what. I wouldn't want to be an al-Qaida operative during that process.

      Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, are a mess. The roots of that mess go back to the end of WWI and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the subsequent national boundaries. It's an ethnic, tribal, and religious mix/mess with deep historical roots we'll continue to deal with for some time to come, so get use to it.

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      • thermonuke Apr 12, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

        The 2 Blessings of the dying Brittish Empire - The Middle East and Kashimir.

        There was quite a controversy between USA and Russia back in October regarding s shipment of stinger missiles, coincidentally when Assad was straffing his own people and the al-qaeda rebels with jets. This has been a CIA operation and a proxy war from the start, with arms and personnel brought into Syria. While it's possible the Russian agenda with the accusations was to dissuade Assad from using jets, I think they would just condemn the action instead of talking about stinger missiles. We cannot go after Tehran with Syria standing strong, this is the agenda, and not a job for small arms.

    • dido

    • thermonuke Apr 12, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

      The NY Times also reported months ago that a good deal of weapons smuggling to Syrian rebels via the US was ending up in al-qaeda hands. Stay blind if you want, the real fireworks are still a year or two away and you will be forced to wake up. All you have to do is read. Why was a CIA warehouse blocks away hit during the Benghazi raid? Holding weapons for Libyan rebels? The Libyans sure were upset all those weapons were being shipped out and into Turkey to funnel to Syrian rebels (al-qaeda). We have setup the enemy in power positions in Libya and Syria.

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