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  • cramerblows_a_s_s cramerblows_a_s_s Apr 17, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    NOK would have bought back shares and eliminated debt if they were shareholder friendly

    You'll never see strong EPS with so many share outstanding.

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    • Apple is share holder unfriendly, they have billions parked overseas that could be broughy back and paid out to share holders rather than refusing to do anything with taxes. I would think Nokia is in quite a different situation.

    • During this transition from bread-and-butter Symbian to a dark horse OS like WP, Nokia didn't want to be spending their cash. The prudent thing was to keep a war chest of cash to ensure they could ride out a potentially long and difficult transition. A share buyback or dividend depletes that cash and weakens their balance sheet. There will be plenty of time for those things when sales are strong. Nokia has authorized a buyback but they won't execute it until sales are strong. 

    • thermonuke Apr 17, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

      Nokia board of directors authorized a 9% share buyback to begin no sooner than 2013, way back at the general meeting 2012. We'll find out tomorrow if they started in the Q1, but probably not yet.

      Nokia debt is fine and more than covered, cash is way more important during restructuring. How do you think NOK would be trading if they had less than $2B cash? The joke of debt downgrades was such a manipulative move, as NOK has not needed to issue any debt outside of NSN rollover since those downgrades, and in fact added $1B to cash just in the Q4..

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      • What if they had $6B cash and 0 debt? They could save $500M a year that would go straight to the bottom line instead of their buddies holding the debt.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • shorts don't like to bother with that pesky due diligence much easier to just make it up as you go's why shorts (particularly the amatuer variety) get steamrolled more often than not...

        short covering was strong in march by hedge funds and professionals....quite sure that continued in the 3/29 through 4/15 period as well....we'll see those figures soon enough....

        this is what the pros it down, then cover...then drive it up usuing the amatuer retail shorts as the firewood!...yup...all accounts from numerous sources worldwide are showing strong sales and demand...gaining market seller lists...sold out lists and NSN going along strong....earnings will be very good imo and w/Verizon news, new product rollouts and something no one here is mentioning ...possible announcement of tablet coming by EOY...

        shorts should think hard and twice about holding into tomorrow....they have until 3:59 pm today to make that decision...

        as always...long and very calm w/many shares...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • thermonuke Apr 17, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

        2 thumbs down? I see 2 people that do not read NOK quarterly reports, or listen to the board of directors.

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