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  • ulyssesodysseus ulyssesodysseus Apr 26, 2013 7:50 PM Flag


    The Nokia Lumia 521 on T Mobile was to start selling on Home Shopping Network at midnight, Friday, 4/26, but started a little early. The description of the Lumia 521 states "SOLD OUT." It was hardly on for a short time today and is already SOLD OUT. Great sign. The Lumias are HOT and getting HOTTER.

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    • I wonder what HSN's cut is? Anyhow, it's the right venue for this phone. It would be bad for any product to miss it's targeted market segment.

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    • they may have hit the right price point on the 521 at $150

      maybe they can move a million of them this quarter... only thing that sucks is the volume required at that price point to be impactful to the overall financials. at $30 margin per phone they need to move about 10 million of em each quarter.

    • Wow. We've gone steadily down the ladder, from "#1 at Amazon" to "Sold Out on Expansys" and we've come to rest at the bottom of the barrel with "Sold Out on the Home Shopping Network." If it all adds up to something, great. But it's pretty darn funny we're down to outlets like QVC for moving merchandise. 

    • Yes, it is possible they had few to sell so in terms of numbers sold, who knows.

      But, the fact it was on the HSN is great news - someone at Nokia (I assume it was Nokia) appears to be actually in interested in SELLING PHONES. Someone at Nokia actually got a Nokia phone on TV, and someone actually held it up and said "Here's a good phone, a good value, you should consider buying it".

      I didn't see it on HSN, but if that actually happened, that's a good thing. Amazing. Someone at Nokia is ACTUALLY TRYING TO SELL NOKIA PHONES!

      That's a pretty rare event - Nokia has taken a few half-hearted steps to sell phones, but nothing to speak of. I bet more people in the US saw the marketing on HSN than have seen any other Nokia marketing effort.

      NOKIA IS TRYING TO SELL PHONES IN THE US! That's news - that's the headline. Up to now, Nokia's effort to sell phones in the US have been a well-kept secret. Finally - some visible marketing.

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      • On Sky TV's very poor 'Swipe' tech 5 minute tech 'program' they had a feature on interactive motion sensor control of computers they had Windows 8 a their background images throughout. And it looked great. All that's needed is exposure. I think the 520 could easily sell millions around the world. It could be a mega blockbuster and game changer. Or not. I mentioned that our Indian secretary at work asked me about my Lumia 920 - he knew what it was and asked because he had decided to buy a Lumia 520. Well, yesterday I went to get my booze from the booze shop (alcohol is only available at a very few outlets here in the UAE) and the Indian assistant, spotted my Lumia 920 and the same thing happend. He's buying a Lumia and wanted to know what my experience was. In Carrefoure here the Nokia salesman says that they are selling 5 or 6 Lumia 520s a day and most of them are going to Indian buyers because the price is right and because in India Nokia is very well regarded.

      • MAYBE ELOP HEARD ME.....
        "Vice President, Global Branding and Marketing Strategy, Steven Overman has exited Nokia. Overman was responsible for drafting the definitive accord with Microsoft, and was also charged with the marketing campaigns for Lumia and Asha devices. He had joined Nokia in 2010 from Lowe Worldwide, where he headed the marketing team handling Nokia."

    • thermonuke Apr 26, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

      I'm sure they had at least 50pc for sale.

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