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  • speadeemon speadeemon Apr 28, 2013 12:35 AM Flag

    Albert Shum, Windows Phone Design Studio General Manager, talks about rebranding Microsoft (video)


    Long video, but worth a watch. Some great concept videos that, imo, should have been used in TV advertising. I liked the video on the Surface (about 19:20) and one that shows off how the laptop, tablet, and phone ecosystems come together (15:25) especially. There's another one at (22:20) that is really similar to the one with Gwen Stefani except it has Steve Balmer.. I actually like the one with Steve Balmer a whole lot better. .

    rmbo made a comment earlier about Nokia recoding and remarketing Symbian being a huge task. I think this video give a good example about how big of a task to rebrand and refocus it really it.

    Seeing this video and kind of watching how Nokia has fit into all of it makes me feel that the two companies are going in the right direction....and makes me feel pretty good about my investment.

    Pieces are falling into place IMO, and we'll be seeing stage 3 separation here pretty soon.

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    • I don't want to be Debbie Downer here, but I was not impressed with the presentation. Maybe that's because it was "designers" talking to designers at a conference in Oslo and they all understood each other, where I don't "get it" because I'm not versed in that specific field.

      Anyway, I was surprised by the continued use of the words design, innovation, and brand, throughout the presentation, without defining what these terms mean. These terms are overused today almost to the point of where the words mean different things to different people, and with enough of that the terms become meaningless. But, the presenters bandied those terms about repeatedly with no explanation to the audience. They may have well defined meanings within MSFT.

      I did like the video at 15:25, but with no narration, it left the view to infer the advantages of cross platform use of information - a narrative would be useful to many viewers.

      The fact that MSFT is apparently aware the different divisions within MSFT must work together is good to know. I've heard separately they're working hard on that.

      They're also working hard on overcoming the idea among many in the public (thanks in part to Apple advertising specifically targeting MSFT) that MSFT is comprised of a bunch of clueless nerds, and Apple and Google are the "cool" companies. Any "brand" progress in that area would be useful for marketing/sales.

      I think the presenters were constrained by what they could say about specific product developments, so there was no real news on that front.

      If, as the video discusses, Microsoft can change their image from nerd to "cool", that would be real progress. If they can effectively and collaboratively work across organization lines that will serve them, and shareholders/other stakeholders well, too.

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      • Steve also highlighted that marketin only takes you so far. By and large it comes down to good design and good products with consistent branding. If your products suck then you suck and no amount of lipstick is going to help. What happened to Nokia in typical Nokia strongholds? They started sucking and got left behind. Ms has been in a multiyear turnaround which started quite a few years back by responding very quickly to googles web services efforts. We are now starting to see ms advertise that capability more. People in the us know it seems smart for Nokia to let ms lead the way for a bit and get people to understand what the new ms is all about then they can understand how Nokia fits in.. At least I think that has been a part of the long term strategy.

        also a big problem in the us is getting the sales people to push WP. But sales people in general don't stick around long. Here's a marketing program for you. Microsoft ought to figure out a way to pay salespersons 10 bucks or so extra for every windows phone sold. Worth it to sell 10million windows phones ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • I agree with your comments regarding the presentation itself..puffed rice cake in some cases. For the video that showed the integration not sure narration would be appropriate.. For what it was I think it made the point..there were just concept videos but it kind of showed how cool the products can look without a bunch of spastic jumping around... Hopefully a prelude to the future.

    • Thanks for the link. Well worth watching. Explains why MSFT seems to move so slowly. It's hard to turn an oil tanker around. Microsoft is undergoing a huge change. They have already come a long way and they still have a long way to go. This video seems to indicate they are on the right path.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hope you are right and thanks for the info..

      Sentiment: Hold

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