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  • zutko118 zutko118 Apr 28, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    Aggressive, Effective Marketing – still Missing. Why? ...


    After seeing 3 days ago an 8! full pages insert ad of Galaxy S4 in USA Tuesday and reading a raving review on the handset I asked myself a question: Where is aggressive advertising campaign of W8, WP8 devices?... What’s going on ?... Why is it, with few insignificant exceptions, almost invisible ?
    We longs, all agree, that launching an aggressive marketing campaign is critically important and will have a decisive impact on W8, WP8 devices acceptance and obviously, Nokia and even MS future. This is, how I try to explain to myself that very tepid marketing or as some believe complete lack of such takes place. Here, in my opinion, are main reasons for purposeful delay :
    a) evident, early symptoms and farther advancement of aapl decline (over the hill effect)
    b) Android OS progressing saturation and spread of fragmentation, (mutant versions)
    c) Samsung reaching over saturation level with little room to grow (fatigue level)
    d) MS selling large enough number of W8 devices to create fertile environment for WP8 handsets demand (so money spent on marketing won’t miss a target )
    e) extra time to test, correct and improve W8, WP8, critically important security features
    f) implementation of Win Blue and new Xbox soon
    g) implementing new Intel processors , Hassel and Atom in new line of Win 8 (Blue) devices. h) resolving parts supply chain issues i) to reach units production level which will fully satisfy the demand level Only then, after those conditions are met, starting a costly and aggressive marketing campaign makes sense and potentially large marketing /advertising funds not being wasted. Saying that I also want to stress that, there should be no excuse for almost complete lack of marketing or limiting it to minimum as we witness everywhere nowadays. Absolutly imperative is creation of a new and much better TV and other media, ads, for all age groups. Attractive and instructive ads showing great features in use, less “dancing on the head” tv commercials and Jessica Alba sitting and then walking with her WP8 phone. Voice your opinion, please, if you have one…

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    • just to show you how well meaning post was bashed and ridiculed by some narrow-minded tech/comp "cyborgs"

    • jim8jim Apr 28, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

      Any info about the strong marketing in China, India, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, Egypt...?

    • Talk of 928 is plenty lol
      I seen nokia ads in movie theaters more often lately, check "the wedding"
      That's nokia style

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If they really want to get aggressive, they should target ads specifically to Android mobile users.

      Tired of out of memory messages, unstable programs, etc. ... switch to a Nokia Lumia running the best in technology Windows Phone 8.

      Did you know you are getting "Scroogled" when you use an Android phone? Keep your privacy. Switch to a Nokia Lumia running the best in technology Windows Phone 8.

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    • I don't know why there is so little effective advertising for WP8, especially from Microsoft. They seem more interested in advertising the desktop and tablet environments and hoping it spills over to WP.

      You made some faulty assumptions about Android and Samsung though. Fragmentation has been a concern with Android but it shows no signs of effecting sales. Likewise there is no evidence of saturation. Sammy is going strong and that strength seems to be accelerating. Android has security issues too but nobody but a few blog writers seem to care.

      If you're waiting for the 'Halo Effect' to boost WP sales I'm afraid you're waiting for something that may never happen. Apple expected the same thing from iPhone/iPad sales with respect to Mac computers and it never happened. The passive approach to marketing is a fail. Microsoft needs to get serious and focused on advertising WP if its to gain any traction in the future. Every time a new WP handset is released there is some initial excitement, folks point to early sales as a trend, and then those sales fade quickly. It's advertising that is going to keep that interest up. Nothing else will do. 

    • Lol..careful you might start getting invites over to vlads to share the hot tub and enjoy Sunday dinner

    • In the search box of google, yahoo & bing type in:

      nokia Lumia 920

      Now go to Amazon and type in Nokia Lumia 920.

      Then go to all of the search engines and type anything you want how to make a crab cake etc. Look around the page where there are paid ads. You should see very expensive ads for the Nokia 920 following you around the web. The type of ads that may cost them $10-$20. per each click depending on what you are searching for. Try it, you will see heavy duty advertising. You are assuming there is no advertising because you read the newspaper. Most newspapers are operating at a loss or closed because of lack of readers. You are an old school dying breed if you are reading an actual paper. Not bashing you. That will not be a target advertising media by major ad agencies anymore.

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