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  • nusaiba nusaiba Apr 30, 2013 8:51 AM Flag


    Shrank from 28M smartphones to his burning platform 5.6M( lumia 9did not move a needle) and he called it a success vs Samsung sold 69M smartphones and aaple sold 37M iphones.
    Feature phones shrank from 85M when he joined in sep of 2010 to 55.6M in Q1 2013 .He shrank feature phone business lost over 35%.
    He sold Nokia Head Quarters for 180MM euro
    He made nokia lose over 5B euro in three yrs from 16.5B euro cash when he joined in to 10.1B euro.
    *He sold their Vertue business for 200M euro that was profitable that generate 600M euro reveue yearly
    * he sold patents for a peanut or pocket change
    *Nokia shareholers lost over 80% of their value under his belt.
    *Major analysts has a sell rating or underperform under his beltfrom goldman to morgan stanely to ubs to baclay..on and on.Elop
    *tons of Nokia executives got fired or left the co under his belt
    *Nokia brand got tarnished under his belt with his timing of release and garbage exclusivety to T and VZ and to T-mobil with total sales of 400K sales in Q1 2013 b/w the three networks.He killed their distribution channels completely.
    *He made Nokia product releases at the middle of the Q or last week of the Q so you would not notice the failure of his sales of these products.
    *he mislead investors by saying Lumia 920 sold out.Basically,He lied to shareholders and he should be fired in May 7th,2013 and the board should put nokia for sale

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    • Stop it. please! You are such a genius, why don't you go out there and build a company? Because the stock hasn't behaved in the way that you want, so therefore, let's cut heads, huh? It was 4.70 in January, but you thought it was a straight path to 8, right? Hasn't worked out in the very near term, but this is an investment in the future of NOK, not just some quick fix. Ups and Downs in stocks are part of the business, if you can't handle that and disappointment, then invest in a nice reliabe mutual fund that will get you 7%. I'm not interested in NOK at 8, I'm waiting for NOK at 30 in 2-3 years. Of course things can change during that time, but I got a plan, what do you have?

    • Elop is an excellent CEO. He "pealed off the band-aid" of the company to heal this company long term. The descion was tough in the short term, but is starting to yield fruit now. In me year, Nokia is going to be in a great position and have agressive price points on a number of their products which will increase margins and sales. He is brilliant.

    • The board makes the decision, the CEO just executes. How do you not know this?

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