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  • hiddenlight87 hiddenlight87 Apr 30, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Selling half@ 3.35

    there nothing more i think this company could do but to pray that asia will accept their phones. Besides windows phone isn't as bad as windows 8 pc. Yeah sure people say Microsoft stocks is doing well but had you ever bought a windows8 laptop??

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    • This is a good time to get one share of Apple from your Nokia profits. lol

    • have you?
      I can't see how touch interface would be a negative. I like having keyboard, mouse, touch. There are good reasons to have them all :)

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    • Good job, now you can kick yourself in a year or two (and beyond) when calculating the doubled gains you would have made with your original share count.......

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    • ********* THIS MESSAGE THREAD IS CLOSED *********

      Persons who claim to have bought NOK and then brag about dumping their shares because they believe the company is doomed to fail are typically nothing more than worthless short traders or other paid critics who are hostile towards any existing or future success for Nokia. Ignore them, or give thumbs down, but try not to bump up their annoying threads. I am sorry to bump this up myself, but I won't add to this particular thread again...

      Hiddenlight87, go take a hike ;o)

    • Yes....recently and it's good all good.....difficult at first as there is a learning curve involved but change is the only constant.....

    • Did you guys see the WSJ headline that Q10 bought ?
      Selling thousands per hour in UK of Q10 for $50 more than I phone.
      There is not even an article just the headline.
      It must be another short attack.

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    • The long-tards lambasted me for having $4.50 puts and for exercising those puts before earnings. If you listen to the hopeless/hapless longs you'll end up in the same boat as them. Long, wrong, and very very bitter. You can practically see the venom dripping from their fangs when they pile on anybody who expresses a contrary opinion.

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      • Rambo what is going on here is your post on this board from the post entitled 920 screen size:

        rmbo47 • 2 hours 11 minutes ago Flag

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        iPhone 4S Screen Size: 3.5"
        iPhone 5 Screen Size: 4" (by stupid trickery - tacking on 1/2" to the bottom of the 4S screen)
        Lumia 920 Screen Size: 4.5"
        Samsung GS3 Screen Size: 4.8"
        Samsung GS4 Screen Size: 5.0"

        The iPhone screen size is a joke. It was the bee's knees in 2007/8 but these days it's too small. Insanely stupid to follow the edicts of a dead guy even if he was the legend. Bear in mind this "legend" is the same guy that brought us the "hockey puck mouse". 'Nuf said.

        The Samsung screens are too big IMHO. I'm not a phablet guy and the Sammys are definitely at or near the phablet level. And that's not counting the Galaxy Note and the ridiculous 5.5" screen. To me, the Samsungs look stupid, and build quality feels like crapola.

        4.5" is the sweet spot, especially if it's wrapped in a minimalist casing and goes edge to edge. Nokia got this just right. Apple is being insanely stupid and Samsung looks like junk. 

      • Rambo, you were just pumping Nokia in a different post what is going on?

      • Does your mother know you use the word -tard as a suffix?

    • blair.wagner Apr 30, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

      Reminds me of the miner who grave up just inches from the mother lode,went home and hated himself for the
      rest of his days. GLTA

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    • something don't add up. Nokia was pushing well over $3.50-$4.50 a share. But thats's when they had dividends and potential patent lawsuit on every phone makers. Nokia had lost the patent lawsuit against HTC and it was the same one that they won against apple. Somethings telling me that apple should appeal because they should't be paying royal fees to Nokia as well. If you take note on the time of dip from 4.50 down to 3 you would notice it was the same time when apple lost the lawsuit against samsung. It was also the same time as Nokia lost their lawsuit. Is nokia heavily depends on winning lawsuits for royalty fees?

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      • thermonuke Apr 30, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

        Mr. Elop guided patents at EUR 500M annualized revenues on both the Q4 2012 and Q1 2013 reports, so at least nothing fundamentally changed in that time period.

        At $0.05/sh quarterly revenues vs Smart Devices alone at $0.41/sh Q1 revenues, I don't believe it can be said Nokia is reliant on patent incomes. NSN Q1 reported $0.99/sh revenues vs total Devices and Services Q1 revenues $1.01/sh. Estimating EUR = 1.30usd, float 3700M

      • What about the recent win against HTC? I don't really care what you've done, but your post makes it sound like Nokia has lost every suit and people just don't know that yet.

        I just don't see much of a downside for Nokia in the next 24 months, but a lot of upside. I'm typing this on a Windows 8 T420 thinkpad I use every day for work, no issues. Change is hard, but don't you worry... the Metro tiles are here to stay, Blue (win 8.1 update) will accelerate the growth and 9 will solidify the OS.

        A lot of companies and technologies intertwined with Nokia here... there's a technological paradigm shift to Mobile and Microsoft is consolidating all of their tech into one OS Kernel (heart of the OS)... given how much money they have and how many companies are involved (Intel, ARM, AMD) it will happen.

        The heart of windows 8 runs on all Windows Phone devices, Laptops, Tablets, the next XBOX etc... They're consolidating the App store so that one app runs on all of them... if you want huge earnings you have to look years down the road....

        If I'm wrong, I'll lose $2 PPS worth in this company and if I'm right.... in 2015 I'll have earned $20 PPS worth.

        It's true that Microsoft's 1st attempt at anything sucks, but that was Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 (to some extent) ... 8 is solid and growing.

        You can put me in the VERY LONG category.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • selling or trying to cover?
      new id & a dozen or so posts in the last 24 hr bashing.
      thanks for the update
      i'll assume no one is selling
      tell your boss to move up the price a little bit
      i bet he gets to cover all he needs between $5-6

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