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  • pcparadigm pcparadigm May 2, 2013 5:27 AM Flag

    Intel Haswell CPUs

    Might we see a Nokia tablet/hybrid capable of playing 4K video downloaded from a Nokia 4K capable smartphone?

    Intel is expected to announce the Haswell chips at the Computex trade show in early June. PC makers are expected to show laptops, desktops and tablets running on Haswell chips at the trade show, which will be held in Taipei between June 4 and 8. Intel has said that Haswell-based laptops may be released around the middle of this year.

    The chip maker has said the battery life of ultrabooks will double with the new fourth-generation Core chips. Haswell will also deliver double the performance on the same power consumption compared to Ivy Bridge chips. Intel has introduced low-power Haswell chips that draw up to #$%$ of power, and the company hopes some of those processors make it to high-performance tablets that could be used for gaming.

    The Haswell chip will enable laptops to play 4K video, in which images are displayed at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times that of traditional 1080p high-definition video. The graphics processor is also faster at rendering video via a feature called QuickSync, which was slower on previous Intel chips. Some new QuickSync features include faster MPEG video encode and decode.

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    • It is my understanding that Haswell does not have voice LTE, but it may have data LTE(?).

      Intel has said no voice LTE on the newer chips until late '13, early '14. So a top-drawer Nokia tablet/hybrid is possible with Haswell, but I don't think it would have voice LTE.

      On the other hand, I think Nokia has been itching to release a tablet - I think they have a host of bells and whistles from their R & D people they can't get into a phone at this point, but can get into a tablet, and they're dying to get these things out there. It's possible (clearly I'm guessing here) they've held up on a tablet release so as to not step on MS Surface, and/or to wait for Haswell and offer a tablet with great battery life that can also really crunch anything you throw at it.

      Or maybe not.

      This is one reason I enjoy following Nokia so closely - it's a window (to use a word) into almost all elements of cutting edge tech - chips, software, consumer behavior/expectations, marketing, manufacturing, global mobile evolution, organization cultures and capacity, etc.

      Every week there's something new. This is really interesting. And, you can make money at it, too. What's not to like?

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