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  • buywhenallbazh buywhenallbazh May 16, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    believe NOK could be the NEW APPLE if not close to it..


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    • NOK is not Apple, I do agree that barring some huge innovation in the next year, Apple is living off momentum, and that won't last for long. And I think NOK is rising.

      The sun don't shine on the same dog all the time....

    • Apple's day has come and gone when Steve Jobs died and with this latest price fixing scandal that Apple was in directing, perhaps someone is already chiseling Apple's epitaph on its tombstone. Apple is a disaster and much will be written about how a company like Apple could have fallen from such great heights. Looks like $250/share for Apple is coming at this point.

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      • So, what's Nokia's excuse? What was their "Steve Jobs died" moment?

        NOK fell from a historically higher market cap than AAPL ever had and flirted with bankruptcy, profits are still a hopeful projection away. Yet you write of Apple's epitaph whilst they're still growing and raking in the majority of all mobile profits? I see what you want to believe and that you trust the sensationalizing tech headlines, but maybe you should read AAPL's financials for yourself.

        Betting the success of a company on the complete demise of its most profitable competitor is high-risk investing. NOK is on everyone's radar so it's not like you found a hidden gem.

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