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  • zutko118 zutko118 May 16, 2013 11:33 AM Flag



    Let’s make sure, that the treatment Lumia 920 received from AT&T will not repeat itself With Lumia 928 at Verizon and Lumia 521 at Wal-Mart. It is so critically important, that all of us longs, will get engaged into all actions which can improve Verizon and Wal-Mart performance. Go and visit local stores, if you can, at least call and ask questions. You can make a significant difference/improvement. This fight is about all important MARKET SHARE. It is about our SUCCESS or FAILURE….So get involved, do not wait, it's getting late !

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    • Except “wedding/switch” TV commercial, which generated some popular interest about 2-3 weeks ago, all important marketing, again continue to be an issue. Another very serious, still unresolved, is a supply issue, which in turn may be a real cause of poor marketing (why spent a lot of money on marketing campaign, if we can’t supply enough units anyway, mantra) We can’t afford, any longer to stay in this precarious position and again I blame Nokia management for inability to resolve this problems.

    • Most of us is extremely disappointed with Nokia leadership marketing policy. Also supply phase evidently suffers serious deficiencies. Something is seriously wrong with Nokia management. It has to be changed and corrected immediately, without any delay. We need new, highly effective and competent people at the top ! That's why, at the moment, we should take initiative into our own hands. Do not believe those who say it doesn't make sense. Stop lamenting. We can certainly make significant positive changes in all sales points (stores) and wherever else we only can. Go into action, make a change and help yourself to become a winner !

    • The question is: Does it make sense, in terms of bringing any significant benefits for Nokia sales, to get involved in whatever activity, that could be helpful to improve Nok finances and its product acceptance ?
      Some of us believe it is useless, producing at best, meaningless results.

    • I purchased a Lumia 521 for my wife two days ago at Walmart.It was the only one which I could find at any Walmart in the state of Florida, and three people had wanted it before I got it.So far, it is a great phone,especially for $129.88.Very smooth,easy to personalize and is getting 4G,while my HTC Evo on Sprint still gets only 3G.I may get another one for my daughter if I can find another one at Walmart.They are coming in sporadically and VERY slowly to Walmarts, but selling quickly upon arrival.

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    • Elop said that 520 would be sold as a "high volume" phone. Yet Wal-Mart site has been out of stock twice in almost two weeks. So don't be surprised if 928 gets the same treatment. I'm not about to go store to store to find out numbers. If they are high, so what (maybe no one is buying)? If they are low, what are we going to do about it?

    • I don't want to be "Debbie Downer" here, but a couple of dozen people from a Yahoo board, going to a couple of dozen stores, will have essentially effect in a market of 300 million. You need mass media, marketing on a national level, targeting different market sectors - teens, enterprise, upgraders, dissatisfied Android/apple people, etc. Leverage the message process - one on one is hopeless.

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      • I respectfully disagree. most people think they know what they want until they go to a store. Once the personally poke around with several devices they can quickly change their minds. But that's just part of it. The other part is the sales reps who might have no clue about a third phone ecosystem. By educating them and even shoppers while you are at it, it can add up to a lot direct sales and referrals. In a way we are like Avon sales members heavily relying on people. If each investor would influence the sale of 10 lumias, it could add up to over a million or more.

      • People, who often decide not to vote in any political elections, use the same kind of reasoning that “my vote will not make any difference anyway, so it is completely useless to go and vote” What a difference a single drop in a lake makes?.
        Personally, I believe, that our MB is regularly visited by large number of Nokia followers. I agree, that relatively small number regulars is vocal here. Overwhelming number Nokians frequenting this board is a silent majority. Anyway, any involvement, any action in support of Nokia products is better then useless talk.

      • and thats why Nokia needs to focus its HERO offerings. Build one stinking HERO device and sell it to all the carriers. Do away with ELOP's #$%$ EXCLUSIVES!!!! Thus, Nokia can create ONE unified marketing strategy!

        Instead, Nokia has a fragmented HERO strategy. A consumer hears about the 900/920/928/925... adds 1 + 1 and determines that the higher the number, the more recent the device. Thus, they ask their carrier if they have the 928. 70% of the time, the answer will be no. Thus, the consumer wont buy a 9XX, since the version of 9XX that their carrier sells is not the latest and greatest.

    • agree 100% with your comment.


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    • Express your support, if my appeal makes any sense to you

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