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  • mikelary6 mikelary6 May 31, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    Leave Elope alone!! Lumia is taking over.

    I know because I just got a lumia 928. My iPhone sux compared. So kudos to him. All you haters and shorters will be caught. It's a slow process but a successful one indeed. Hey just look at msft stock up 30 percent this year. Ppl dig windows 8 . You know what that means?? Ppl will want a phone that sinks nicely with their laptop. Boom!! Nokia . Just wait my friends .

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    • Hey man wake up. It's 8AM:

    • You are a baldface ph?c?k?in liar too you misleading stock manipulator of emotions!!! Get the Puk out of here liar. ELOP said this quarter he will miss and he can't compete with competitors! Don't you listen liar?
      NO EOS, NO differentiating flagship phone..nothing. We got a PH?UC?KED?SHIP phone at best. WERE IS THE EOS EFLOP has been lying about for a year!! Carrot daangling, wink wink, smirking smile. FIRE HIS #$%$. FIRE HIS #$%$ UNDER THE SUN SUN SUN

    • When people experience the Lumia 928 first hand they realize they will not want to go back to either the iPhone offering or an Andtoid offering. What Apple or Google cannot afford to have happen is fow the Windows genie to get out of the bottle, but it is now too late for that. The best that can be hoped for is to try and slow down the adoption in any way possible. Windows 8 runs great on a dual core smartphone, the only way Android bloatware to appear that it runs good is that it has to have additional hardware thrown at it. A real comparison os Samsungs current OS is to put it on tbe same hardware specs as Windows8 runs on. You already know that Windows 8 smokes on a dual CPU machine, wait until Windows 8 runs on a 4 CPU smartphone, performance wise Windows 8 is going to outshine whatever Samsung has.

    • One of two things will happen within one year. Elop goes or we go 5+. The former seems likely.

    • funny how everyone pumping the 928 claims to own iphone 5, ya'll sure change phones fast

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