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  • foxgang7878 foxgang7878 May 31, 2013 10:30 PM Flag

    Windows 8 platform for phones....

    ....will test the dominance of Android and IOS in the near future.
    Watch. Or better yet, drop by your Verizon store and try one out for an hour or so,
    that will settle everything.

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    • liar

    • A distinguishing feature of W8 is the common user interface across platforms. I agree with your overall thought, but suggest a different way to express the idea is to day the Windows 8 eco-system, including phones, will capture increasing market share as the components of the eco-system are released.

      Also, W8/Nokia won't have to battle Android for anything - Android is busy committing suicide - death of a thousand cuts from malware. Google and Samsung are scrambling for a replacement to Android, and that will be a challenge as W8 captures market share with a compellingly easy to use and encompassing eco-system.

      The battle of the eco-systems - try to get as many users within your walls as quickly as possible - Apple users are pretty well set, but not fully. Windows is scrambling to get users within the walls. The good news for Windows 8 is the Android walls were never very solid (Google tried to use maps and YouTube, with little success) and now they're even abandoning what little they have left of a defensive perimeter as they abandon their Android camp and try to build new walls with Chrome (and for Samsung, Tizen).

      Changing horses in the middle of a stream - use whatever metaphor you want - a huge strategic error by Google, and Samsung - an effort from which they will not easily recover.

      Unless Samsung develops a strategic partnership with Microsoft (and they won't - probably) they will pursue Tizen, and they'll lose a lot of market share in that process. Google will go with Chrome and Motorola, and will lose market share in that process.

      Windows 8 will be ready with a fully developed, vigorous, safe, easy to use operating system that exceeds all competitors in scope and functionality and consumer appeal.

      "It's good to be the king....", and it's nice to be able to buy stock in the king, and a critical fiefdom within the kingdom. I'm up a bunch in MSFT, and Nokia is next. Intel will be part of this, too - it's not too late to buy NOK or Intel.

    • corneliusflake Jun 1, 2013 2:49 AM Flag

      been watching since oct. 2010.

      been hearing others say what you say even longer.

      3 more years? i can wait.

    • Prolly not. But WP doesn't have to dethrone iOS or Android to be a monster success for Nokia. Even a 10% market share makes them relevant and profitable. 

      • 1 Reply to rmbo47
      • rmbo47, I agree....... So many investors and the so-called experts are of the opinion that Nokia either hits a home run or strikes out. I think that's a really simplistic view of a complicated story. Nokia simply needs 10% to 15% of the smartphone market and it will be viewed as a success. Singles and doubles is all we need........ Singles and doubles....... : )

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