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  • wallstreet.thief wallstreet.thief Jun 7, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    Would Nokia have fared better without Windows

    I guess we will never know since they chose Windows exclusively.
    Windows did not turn out to be a stellar choice and is really a bit of a scary choice for big investors. No ecosystem yet, no control for Nokia (Microsoft can shaft them at any time), larger costs to OS supplier, loss of control for Nokia to be a differentiator on the mobile app side.

    Could Nokia still make a strategic change? Yes, however the window of time (no pun intended) is slipping with each loss of enough sales to keep R&D up.

    If Nokia was a good chess player, they would internally start support for HTML5 and form a secret partnership with Google to make the Lumia line going forward able to support both Windows and HTML 5 (dual boot of sorts) - so that as soon as Samsung announces support for their new OS - Nokia can trump them by announcing a download to convert Lumia's to run on Chrome/Html5.

    Have your quality hardware and choice of OS. That, from my perspective would make the street pay attention and really invest in Nokia for their vision and ability to execute.

    I bet Nokia would not even be able to do the above though, since Microsoft legal grips have deer-in-the-headlights grinning Elop on the hook to suckle only to Microsoft OS - or face the wrath of litigation and claw back on a couple of Billion in Microsoft payments to Nokia.

    Like Nokia, shareholders have to look to Microsoft and hope they can deliver and not shaft Nokia in the process.

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    • Next question: should McDonald's have introduced the Big Mac?

      You sure are boring.

    • My money is on Wphone I think long term it will win.

    • I would say yes big time b/c Nokia used to have a very loyal customer base and the largest in the world until this moron eflop came in board and Samsung could not crack nokia market for 10 yrs since 1999.zthat's why the media played with nokia board heads but telling them your Symbian is matured and phone market saturated with phones and no growth since nokia sold over 400M phones a year.All garbage media attack on nokiaand force nokia to buy navteq for 8B dollars in 2006 and paid $78 a share for a co generated 1.3B dollars of revenue a year.That's way too much. and mad a joint venture with siemens to diversify their business from smartphone and feature phone business to mapping and networking.I remember it just like iam this right now.It was pre planned by google and aaple to destroy nokia market b/c no body could crack their market for 14 yrs.How can you tell #1 co in the world your market saturated and nokia should diversify their business b/c no body will be buying phones at that time since every body has a phone.Garbage

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      • 8 billion for Navteq was way to much even now that mapping business is much better than when they purchased it it is still not worth half that amount. That was Nokia's first big mistake than not venturing into the smartphone business was their next big mistake and the final nail to the coffin was Elop's burning platform statement and the short sellers have been piling in until today. But this is a good opportunity for many investors who believe in Nokias future. In my opinion smart phones are more important than cars to most people all over the world and you are now able to buy a company that produces some of the best smartphones and feature phones in the world and the same company owns a mapping and network business for under 5 dollars per share. This investment right now is really a no brainer we just have to wait for the turn around to take its course and for the shorts to cover which is happening right now. Hang in there you will get your money back and then some.

    • dorianpc Jun 7, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

      Nokia ditched symbian because the sales decline and multiple incompatible versions was a disaster. Android is now becoming known by the masses, what any 16y/o developer has known forever. Android is a steaming pile of #$%$ that is DESIGNED to steal your information.
      The real problem has only recently been solveed with new intel chips. Handheld computers need POWER and lots of it. The question is will MSFT get off the stick and fix their OS before it is too late? The reason Nokia hasn't been producing large volume of phones is because they will be s#$%$ping all these old processes by next year

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      • Tell me this aPple fanboys and aNdroid lovers, why is the ios7 rumored to be adopting live tiles, which is a Windows Phone/Windows 8 exclusive? Uh-oh!

      • its odd to me how people here pretend to themselves that android is not a massive success. people like it because its customizable and due to the wide variety of phone oem's creating designs with it they have tons of options.

        just face up to the facts. Android is now the dominant os, Samsung the dominant volume leader, and any time Apple wants they can get back up to speed and take back all the market share.

        wp8 is not ready for primetime and nokia's phones are still clunky and appeal only to msft loyal customers... and here in the US there aren't many of those.

        elop bet the farm and blew it. time to either try a new strategy or just sell the business. Its highly undervalued but with Elop at the helm it will stay undervalued. no one believes in that dbag and for good reason.

    • Funny thing about secrets.......

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