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  • go_nokia_go go_nokia_go Jun 11, 2013 10:50 AM Flag


    All you do is bump his negative message to the top of the board which is exactly what he wants; the effortless propagation of his garbage. He is causing you to waste your time to serve his purpose. If you aren't bright enough to see this or don't have enough will power to restrain yourself, you deserve to be manipulated by this nut case. He is just here for the attention. Ignoring him is the best way to insult him. Confine him to a room alone with his pathetic self.

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    • Once this stock starts to run, which I think will be relatively soon, we won't have him or phands to deal with any longer.

    • dorianpc Jun 11, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

      Even momo manages to stick to the topic at hand, which is Nokia stock. You on the other hand, manage to give him free press, while contributing NOTHING to the discussion.
      I will happily do my part to help your goal in turning this message board into a steaming pile of poop dominated by basement dwellers.
      After all , it's fun, isnt it?

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      • I guess you have not read any of his violent, racist and disgusting posts that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH NOKIA! Take a look at his latest offering "US WILL LOOK LIKE TURKEY SOON". Tell me if you see Nokia ANYWHERE. The entire weekend was dominated by his exchange of personal insults with another poster which prompted my campaign. You can do whatever you want with this message board, but I will continue my campaign every time an idiot engages in such behavior. If you like basement dwellers who are just attention seeking #$%$, then keep pumping Momo.

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