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  • edu830 edu830 Jun 23, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Microsoft Phone Development Boss Joe Belfiore visiting Finland this weekend

    Buyout talks may continue on!!!!!!!
    Apart from the brief disclosure on Twitter, no further information about the trip has been forthcoming from Belfiore or other sources.
    “Microsoft and Lenovo are interested in Nokia’s phone operations and brand, not NSN. Another option would be to list NSN (on the stock exchange), go for private equity or then go for a complete buyout of Nokia,” said Inderes analyst Mikael Rautanen.

    Marketvision’s Nygren expects some indication of the future path next week.

    ”Something could happen as early as the beginning of the week. I could imagine that directors don’t fly here just for fun,” Nygren said, referring to Belfiore’s weekend visit

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    • Here is an interesting article on MSFT and Nokia
      MSFT tried to buy NOK hardware (phone) business...which would have left them with NSN...the telecom equipment business.
      Report: Microsoft almost bought Nokia's hardware division, talks broke down in June
      By Kevin Bostic

      Looking to gain ground on Apple's iPhone and devices running Android, Microsoft was reportedly close to purchasing Finnish phone maker Nokia's device business, with discussions going on as recently as this month.
      Earlier this month, Microsoft was in advanced discussions with Nokia over the possibility of buying the manufacturer's hardware business, sources tell The Wall Street Journal. The acquisition talks broke down and are reportedly unlikely to recommence.

      The sources say that the two companies held their talks in London and were close to an oral agreement on a purchase. THE REPORT HOLDS THAT MICROSOFT IS THE PARTY THAT WALKED AWAY FROM THE DEAL, DUE IN PART TO NOKIA'S ASKING PRICE, AS WELL AS THE COMPANY'S POOR POSITION IN THE SMARTPHONE MARKET...(my caps)

      ...Nokia is not Microsoft's largest partner in the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem, but the Finnish company is the one selling the most WP8 units. Two years ago, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop essentially bet the firm on Microsoft's phone platform, a move that has only recently appeared to begin paying off.

      According to the most recent numbers, Windows Phone shipments accounted for 3.2 percent of worldwide smartphone shipments. Those numbers reflect the tough position both companies find themselves in with the new computing environment.

      For Microsoft, a buyout of Nokia — which has a market capitalization of about $14 billion — could be accomplished using a portion of its $66 billion overseas cash holdings. Much like Apple, the company has been unwilling to repatriate the funds due to the large tax bill it would incur.

      Having released its Surface tablets last year, Microsoft is no stranger to producing computing hardware.

    • Why has Nokia no, "Company up coming events" listed on their website is this not a little strange?

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    • Sometimes there are training and spark seminars in the US that Microsoft MVP's instruct in person. There are a large amount done via video or VOIP. The training is usually not done by someone so high up except there are two possible exceptions the phone script that is being used to pack many small pixels in 1 large pixel will need new apps. The developers have to have api's, some controls in blend or any kind of hooks that will allow apps to be created with the new phone. Everything can work the same but the developers need to know how effects that they create for the many photo filter and different apps related to photos they create will look with a new amazing camera. The Nokia people may need to make some changes to get something correct and he wants to over see it.
      The thing about this camera and all other Nokia Cameras is that the a holes will criticize it anyway even though it blows everything away. Example: Most cell cameras take horrible video and photos in dark or very low light. This new camera will take pictures that look almost as good when taken in the dark as they do in a lighted room. The only thing I noticed is if the light is uneven in the room light and partially dark it may look a little funny. It sort of looks light brown and then suddenly goes to a different shade of white in video. The trade off is, the other cameras look bad or do not work at all in low light or the dark. Seems like a pretty great innovation to me. Why it does not move the stock I do not know. It is just my opinion and I will leave the why's and why not's of business to the experts that are hired to do it.

    • I felt the same way you did about NSN and I have heard the statements from Ballmer in the past that he only wanted to buy the handset division. That was before I found out that NSN worked on something called QoS differentiation for Skype. QoS differentiation allows smooth high quality VOIP.
      If you do not know Skype is going to be in every living room in FULL HD on your television via XBOX ONE. I am not sure if you can find it publicized as I just tried in order to prove my point and could not find it. I have limited time today though, so it may be out there. I do not believe Microsoft can provide the Skype experience they are planning without NSN. I believe NSN did it special for Microsoft Skype.
      Microsoft plans on heavy sales of XBOX ONE w/Skype to businesses to use for the HD video/voice conference calls on a tv. Any secretary can hook it up.
      Cisco offers the service most may be using now and it costs a fortune. There may be some legal battles between Microsoft & Cisco. Cisco uses QoS differentiation for their VOIP. So without the NSN created Qos differentiation, Microsoft is in a boat with no motor or paddle if I understand it correct. They cannot have the large screen HIGH DEFINITION to blow Cisco away without Nokia Siemens.
      That sort of makes it a lock that Microsoft has to do something in one way or another. I do not personally know though and all of this is just my opinion.

    • Gee maybe he is there to talk about phone development

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